Loads Of Options And Colours Available With The New Sephora Colorful Eyeshadows

Of course you all know by now that Sephora has reformulated their eyeshadows, launching 80 shades of the New Sephora Colorful Eyeshadows. I kind of forgot about them, getting sidetracked by all the emerald in their collaboration with Pantone.

Oh, how I wish I’d gotten to these sooner! Some of these are FANTASTIC eyeshadows. There are 4 different textures available: matte, shimmer, mirror, and glitter.

 photo IMG_1156-1.jpg
Morning Mocha(matte), Flirting Game(shimmer), Romantic Comedy(shimmer)
 photo IMG_1158.jpg
Romantic Comedy(shimmer), Flirting Game(shimmer), Morning Mocha(matte)

These three neutrals are AMAZING. Nicely pigmented, smooth, buttery-even the matte! All three blended like a dream, wore all day without creasing(over a primer) and make a gorgeous neutral every day eye look.

 photo IMG_1172-1.jpg
Walk On The Wild Side(Shimmer), Rolling In The Grass(Mirror), Animal Instinct(Glitter)

Walk On The Wild Side is a forest green shimmer shade that’s smooth, but not as pigmented as other shimmers. Rolling In the Grass is a golden green with a mirror finish. It’s really reflective-almost metallic but again not extremely pigmented. Animal Instinct is a smoky matte khaki with gold glitter that’s a bit harder to work with, but doable. These three were also pretty easy to use and I loved them.

 photo IMG_1180.jpg
Animal Instinct(glitter), Rolling In The Grass(mirror), Walk On The Wild Side(shimmer)

 photo IMG_1185-1.jpg
Curaçao Punch(glitter), Fireworks(glitter), French Riviera(Glitter)

Curaçao Punch is a bright aqua blue with silver glitter that’s really pigmented but has LOADS of fallout. It also stains the lid, so be sure to wear a good primer. Fireworks is a blackened purple with multicoloured glitter but I didn’t notice as much fallout as the other glitters. French Riviera is a yellow gold with gold glitter that’s pretty pigmented, but has loads of fallout as well. Out of these three Fireworks is the best one.

 photo IMG_1193.jpg
Curaçao Punch(glitter), French Riviera(Glitter), Fireworks(glitter)

 photo SEPHORAEYESHDOWSPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

As most people have been saying, some of the eyeshadows are AMAZING. Some of the mattes and shimmers are soft, smooth, buttery-you’d swear that these are really high end eyeshadows, and they are WAY better than the old Sephora eyeshadows. Most of the problems I experienced were with the glitter shades as the glitter just wouldn’t stick, so as the day went by, my face and cheeks would be covered in the glitter. I do think that using a primer that’s specifically made for glitters would probably prevent a lot of that, so if there’s a glitter shade that speaks to you, invest in something like that to use with it. Some of the glitter shades can be a bit more difficult to blend out as well, so keep that in mind too.

At $16 each, the Sephora Colorful Eyeshadows ain’t exactly cheap. They’re more expensive than a MAC Pro Palette Refill Eyeshadow 0.05 oz ($14.50), but they are slightly bigger at 0.07 oz. These Sephora ones pop out of the container, and can be put into palettes that Sephora makes of course. If you buy 2 shadows, you get the 3 pan palette free, and if you buy 4 shadows, you get the 6 pan palette for free. I do think that you need to check these out in person and swatch them yourself! Some of them are quite lovely and worth investing in!

*Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much.