My Mint Moment

I go through colour cravings every season.

And right now I seem to be having a Mint Moment. There’s just something about the colour that is really appealing to me. It’s so fresh! And happy! And it’s pretty too!

I want mint eyeshadows. Mint shoes. Mint clothes. Mint EVERYTHING. Like MINT CHUCKS! Oh, yeah I hope I can find those!

My Mint Moment

American Vintage mint shirt, 59 CAD / Old Navy printed jeans, 17 CAD / Bait Footwear low wedge shoes, 66 CAD / Converse retro sneaker, 46 CAD / Rebecca Minkoff bag, 240 CAD / Gold bangle / Floral scarve, 12 CAD / Shiseido , 54 CAD / Illamasqua matte eyeshadow, 47 CAD / Matte eyeshadow, 12 CAD / Sunday Riley eyeliner, 26 CAD / NARS Cosmetics , 22 CAD / Butter London nail lacquer, 15 CAD

When I have colour cravings, the first thing I do is look through my makeup collection to see if I already have the colour, and almost always the answer is yes.
Why? Because I’m a makeup junkie AND I tend to have cravings for the SAME colours year after year.

 photo 3MACAQUAPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

On the left, I’m wearing MAC Aqua and MAC Concrete. MAC Aqua is a pro colour, and if you can get your hands on it it’s well worth it! It’s a matte, and pretty pigmented and easy to work with. Even though it’s called aqua, it’s more of a pale mint on me and I love it. On the right I’m wearing MAC Aquavert and MAC Club eyeshadows. MAC Aquavert came out in some MAC Collection, and it’s a shimmery, light minty green that pairs really well with Club eyeshadow. I call these my “Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Eye Looks”, and really love wearing them at this time of year!

I love both of these minty eyeshadows so I probably won’t be adding anymore to my stash, although that Shiseido palette up there looks really pretty! The other day I swatched some Shiseido makeup and WOW! I’m kind of impressed! The only thing from Shiseido I have is a lipstick, so the next time there’s a Shopper’s Redemption and if I have enough points, I’ll be adding some of their products for sure.

But I’ll be adding more mint to my clothing this year! I don’t really have a lot of clothes or accessories in mint, besides these shoes which I LOVE:

 photo IMG_1083-1.jpg

I got these Jeffrey Campbells two years ago and they’re my favourite spring shoes. I can hardly wait to wear them again! But I seriously need those Chucks up there. I really hope I can find them!

Do you have colour cravings too? What colour are you having a moment with right now?