Jetsetting Abroad to Warmer Climates: What to Take?

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner – what better way to escape the humdrum than to jetset off to warmer shores to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones? Choose some staple items for your suitcase to ensure you will look and feel good, all holiday long.

Casual Day Clothes
Spending lazy days by the pool is a perfect way to enjoy a relaxing break. You can find great casual clothing online – invest in simple shorts and vest tops, or pretty summer dresses that are airy and light.

Evening Wear
A staple black dress is ideal for eveningwear, which can be accessorised with jewellery, a scarf or pashmina and some killer heels.
Floral prints are big this year, brightly coloured and helping to make a bold statement. Try the Moda Floral Print Dress or the Moda Floral Panel Illusion Dress, both at the amazing price of £16 each.
Alternatively, maxi dresses are incredibly flattering, with stripes and patterns bang on trend. Team with a pair of flats or heels for a stand out look.

Whatever your style, you can invest in some beautiful swimwear to suit. From one-piece costumes to pretty bikinis with a brightly coloured sarong, you will be spoilt for choice.
Choose an illusion swimsuit to accentuate your curves and make your figure look amazing, or some control swimwear to smooth any lumps and bumps so that your bod is the envy of fellow beach bods.

Sun Hat
As the spring and summer seasons arrive full throttle, the choice of hats is amazing. Invest in one with a large brim to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your neck, or a peaked cap for a sporty look.
Hats aren’t just there to look cool either; they are vital to protect you from the harmful sun’s rays, so don’t travel without one.

Rather than packing half your shoe rack, maximise space and choose a pair or two that can be multipurpose. A pair of flip flops for around the pool would be perfect, sandals are ideal for evenings while a decent pair of trainers or pumps would offer support for day excursions. Studded sandals or diamante sandals could double up for evening and poolside wear, while canvas pumps, similar to espadrilles, are perfect for comfort and versatility.
If you’re an outdoorsy type, taking some shoes which offer support, cushioning and comfort for long adventures during the days would be advisable.

Light Jacket
Regardless of how warm the weather forecast suggests it’s going to be, packing a light jacket will be handy, should it get a little cool during the evenings, or should you have a bad weather day. A camouflage jacket or a striped blazer for a bargain price of £16 would be ideal to keep the wind at bay.
It’ll also be a useful item to have when you get back home to the cooler weather – it can be a bit of a shock to the system after a week in the sun!

Updating your holiday wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune; it can be easily done on a budget as you can see!