Smashbox Idolize Me Blush from the Love Me Collection AND An Unveiling Of Sorts

Have you checked out the Smashbox Spring 2013 Collection yet? You should! There are some gorgeous pieces! Being the blush fiend that I am, I of course have the blush from the collection to show you! What else, right? Right!

 photo SmashboxLoveMeBlush.jpg

The artwork on the box and the compact is by graffiti artist Curtis Kulig and is his “Love Me” tag.

I can’t tell you how much I adore that a blush asks me to love it! It doesn’t know who it’s talking to haha! I ALREADY DO BLUSH. Yessiree…

 photo SmashboxIdolizeMeBlushback.jpg

                             There is only one blush shade in the collection and it’s called Idolize Me.

 Back of the box photo for the ingredients-because I remembered this time! Snaps for Tracy!

 photo box.jpg

Now the inside, because that’s the BEST part of a blush!

 photo SmashboxIdolizeMeBlush.jpg

Smashbox Idolize Me Blush is embossed with the Love Me Grafitti just like the box. And the shade is a  universally flattering shade of poppy pink-not too warm, not too cool-just perfect!

Swatchy indoors on my NW15 skin  by the window:

 photo IMG_6647.jpg

And Swatchy in the sun:

 photo IMG_6642.jpg

Smashbox Idolize Me Blush is finely milled and silky smooth, just like all Smashbox blushes. AND it’s so highly pigmented too! You need very little of it and a light hand. It blends like a dream and lasts all day for me. I’ve been wearing it for one week straight and not growing tired of it at all yet, because it goes with everything! Which says a lot coming from a lady who has a serious blush addiction and LOADS to choose from!

I’m going to show you the blush on my chubby cheekz, AND I’m going to show you what my hair REALLY looks like too. An unveiling! Because frankly, I LIKE IT. And covering it up sometimes can be a pain in the arse.


 photo BLUSH.jpg

Ok, first the Smashbox Blush in Idolize Me is perfection! I love, love, love you little blush! There was no need to worry haha!

Until now, I’ve been covering up my grey growth for pictures and when I leave the house too. (If anybody’s interested in how I was covering it, let me know! I’ll do a post about it!) But last week, I decided to go shopping like this because I didn’t feel like camouflaging it, and you know what????

I GOT SO MANY COMPLIMENTS AND HIGH FIVES and HOW COOL I was for growing it out and deciding to go grey! I was FLOORED. Everyone-from the MAC girls, to the Hourglass Rep I met at Sephora-thought that having grey hair with my “young” face was the greatest idea ever. I’ve been a little embarrassed about how it looks, but NO MORE. I’ve got a good 1.5 maybe 2 inches of grey growth now(there’s even MORE this week!) and I figure I’ll keep going for a couple of more months before getting the red cut off. I haven’t had a haircut since November 6, 2012. That’s 4 months of no spending money on getting my hair dyed and cut and I feel LIBERATED! Best decision I ever made I tell ya! I’m even considering letting Marky dye it lavender at some point! UNICORN HAIR! I can hardly wait!

The Smashbox Idolize Me Blush is available right now at Sephora and at select Shopper’s Drug Marts across Canada and retails for $32 CAN. Since you need so little of the blush for it to show up on your cheeks, it will last forever and I think it’s well worth the price of admission. You can’t go wrong with a Smashbox blush I say, because it will love you back with all its heart! Especially this one!

Do you have a neutral, universal pink blush that goes with everything?

*Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much