I Came, I Saw, I Bought:Three New BRIGHT Eyeliners!

Last week while my daughter was getting her hair done, I wandered around the mall. I haven’t been there in quite awhile, because like I said before-I’m trying to not buy much of ANYTHING so I can keep putting money away into that college fund.
It was a bad idea. I walked out with THREE eyeliners. THREE!  Oy.

I give up!

 photo 3eyeliners.jpg

But look at the pretties!!!!!!

 photo eyeliners.jpg
Starting from the top: MAC Minted Eye Kohl, Lancome Jade Crush, Stila Periwinkle Liquid Eyeliner

I started at the MAC store. I looked at all the new stuff, and meh-all was good because nothing appealed. I even looked at the lipsticks and again, nothing. Then I spotted the eyeliners, and I’ve wanted MAC Minted Eye Kohl for quite awhile, and before I knew it, I had paid for it and it was mine. I was ok with that though, as it’s an emerald green liner and as you know, I’ve been looking for a good one. No real harm done!

Then at The Bay, I spotted the Lancome Kohl In Love #501 Jade Crush ($24CAN) eyeliner and it was love at first swipe! Holy pigmented turquoise! It’s almost neon-so BRIGHT! It was a done deal. There was a gorgeous bright blue one too that I’m still thinking about actually…

And lastly, I hopped into Sephora. And again another eyeliner caught my eye. This time it was Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Periwinkle, a bright baby blue that I just couldn’t walk away from! Look at it!

Swatches in the sun:

 photo IMG_6731.jpg
Stila Periwinkle, Lancome Jade Crush, MAC Minted

Swatches indoors:

 photo IMG_6733.jpg
Stila Periwinkle, Lancome Jade Crush, MAC Minted

I know, they are all really bright, right? Yep, they are! I’ve been really enjoying using eyeliners for bright pops of colour lately instead of bright eyeshadows -especially when I’m feeling lazy. Somedays, blending eyeshadows isn’t what I feel like doing, so bright eyeliners are an easy way to have some fun with colour!

Here’s how I’ve been wearing these three bright eyeliners:

 photo dcdbaecc-0f06-4020-bf40-21f16c85a23c.jpg
top: wearing Sitla Periwinkle bottom; wearing Lancome Jade Crush

 photo 08c301c8-54aa-4d46-a620-e60e17c1eedd.jpgThe Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Periwinkle I wear on the top lash line winged out. I make sure to tightline my top lash line with a black eyeliner so that there’s some definition to my eye, otherwise lashes can kind of disappear behind this bright, opaque periwinkle blue liner. LOVE it. It’s easy to use and has a felt tip point that has some give to it which I like. I don’t like when felt tip eyeliners are stiff like a marker-makes me feel like I’m taking a Sharpie to my eye which scares me! Plus those marker types can stain your eyelid for DAYS. That can’t be good for you! This one easily comes off with a waterproof eye makeup remover.

Lancome Kohl In Love #501 Jade Crush is a really soft and smooth eyeliner-like REALLY soft and creamy. I tried wearing this on my waterline, but because it’s SO BRIGHT, it looked weird-like this line of bright turquoise floating in my eyes AND it made my eyes look really small. So, my favourite way to wear it is smudged thickly out on the top lash line, and lightly smudged out on the bottom lash line. Again, tightlining the top lash line is a must! This tones down the brightness making it much more wearable. It’s a great waterproof eyeliner and really stays put!

 photo MACMinted.jpg
wearing Burberry Midnight Brown eyeshadow with MAC Minted Eye Kohl

MAC Minted Eye Kohl is great on my bottom waterline to add some colour when I wear brown or taupe eyeshadows. It adds a pretty pop of colour to a plain old, boring brown eyeshadow look. Plus it’s a pretty shade of green I can wear!

Three new eyeliners and I really love each one!  Am I feeling guilty? No, not really. I’ve decided to not beat myself up about buying, especially if it’s something I really love and will get a lot of use out of like these eyeliners. College will get paid for-one way or another. I’m still looking for a sturdy shoebox by the way…

Do you love bright colourful eyeliners? What are some of your favourites?