Tagged! Some Fun And A Little Blush Review Too!

Happy Family Day everyone! Or Happy President’s Day!
I hope you are all having a nice long weekend with your families and doing some fun stuff together!

I’ve been tagged by the lovely  JoanneP @The Convenient Beauty whom I adore, and since it’s a holiday and I thought I’d have some fun today and answer the questions, plus do a mini review!

1. What is the first beauty product you bought?

Hmmmm, it probably was blush but honestly I’ve been wearing makeup for HOLY CRAP over 30 years now so I can’t remember that far back…

2. Name your favorite shade of blush.

ONE SHADE? Just one??? ‘Tis impossible! But I’ll share my fave one of the moment though!

 photo EssenceCherryBlossomBlush2.jpg
Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Blush in Asian Sensation

This is Essence Asian Sensation Blush from their Cherry Blossom Girl Collection. It cost $2.99 and it’s really great! Only $2.99 folks! If you can find this one and are a fellow blush fiend, then pick it up! As you can see, when swirled together it becomes a lovely, glowy peachy shade which is perfect for spring!

 photo b660c381-5217-41a4-89a2-c0ffc24f563c.jpg
Both shades swirled together, light peach side, coral side

3. If you could only own one eyeshadow palette (no more than 5 shades), what would it be?

Any Guerlain Palette would be my choice. I like that they usually have a mix of textures in their palettes unlike other brands.

4. What is your favorite look for formal events?

I don’t really have a favourite look for formal events. I don’t really have a favourite look period. I just pick what I feel like wearing that day, which could be an eyeshadow or a bright lipstick and go for it! Plus, I don’t have a lot of formal events to attend thank goodness. I kind of hate dressing up to tell you the truth…

5. Do you coordinate your makeup with your outfits and how?

Ummm, not really. I kind of detest when makeup matches clothing as Larie pointed out in her tag. There’s this local meteorologist on TV that always matches her eyeshdadows to her tops and it drives me NUTS. It’s a little too high school for me. Just my opinion! I don’t mind when lips match though, like red lips and a red dress!

6. What did you wear to your first date?

Probably cobalt blue eyeshadow, cobalt blue eyeliner, and cobalt blue mascara. HEY IT WAS THE 80s and it looked COOL. At least in MY mind it did haha!

7. Where would you go for the ultimate fun?

I’m sure you all know the answer already: DISNEYLAND. I’m already plotting my return…

 photo IMG_0979.jpg

8. What is your go-to way of applying foundation, brushes, sponges or clean fingers? 

It depends on what I’m using. Powder-I use a brush. Liquid I use the Beauty Blender or my fingers.

9. Who inspired your love of beauty?

Not sure actually! My mother didn’t wear anything besides lipsticks for weddings. I’ve always had a love for makeup I guess. I remember begging my mother to buy me a magazine that showed how to apply eyeshadow when I was in grade 9. Can’t remember which mag it was now, but I learned a lot from it!

10. What is your beauty style? 

FUN! Even though I’m older than most in the beauty blogger world, I think makeup should be fun and not so serious! I’m always trying new looks and new products and not afraid of change.

11. If you could only play up one feature of your face from day to night, what would you choose? 

 Well this is easy! Cheekz! I like my chubby cheeks haha! Which is why I love blush so much!

That was a lot of fun, so thanks Joanne! Now I’m supposed to think of 11 questions and tag some bloggers as well, so here it goes!

Here are the questions:

1. What’s the one beauty product you ALWAYS use no matter what? 

2. High end mascaras? Or drugstore mascaras? 

3. Lipstick? Or lip gloss? Or lip balm? Which do you prefer or wear the most?

4. What’s the one makeup brand that you love everything they make, and could use for the rest of your life- shunning all others?

5. Who’s your favourite character in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy?

6.  How would you describe your beauty style?

7.  Do you follow makeup trends? 

8.  Do you like coloured mascara? Or not?

9. Cake? Or pie? Or what’s your favourite dessert?

10.  Which do you prefer? Liquid eyeliner or pencils?

11. Do you use a bronzer? Every day or not at all? Which one is your favourite?

I’m going to tag just a few gorgeous ladies whose blogs I enjoy(of course, you don’t have to do the tag-it’s up to you!)

Anybody else who feels like doing this tag, go right ahead! I enjoy reading tags because you learn something about one of your favourite bloggers!