What Does A Bored Beauty Blogger Do? Play With Colour Of Course!


Did I mention I was bored?

It’s COLD again.  Like -26 Celsuis with the windchill cold. And I haven’t really left the house again, because why? There’s nothing to do! AND IT’S COLD. AND more importantly I don’t want to buy any makeup right now. And that’s what’s different this time around. Usually when I was bored before, I’d go buy a new piece of makeup to cheer me up. Something new to play with. But I don’t want to do that anymore! Why? Because frankly, I’ll probably just end up with some spur of the moment purchase that doesn’t suit me and I’ll regret for the rest of my makeup lovin’ days. I don’t want to go there anymore. NO MORE.

So today, to break the boredom I decided to play with colour! And you know what? IT WAS FUN!

Even if you aren’t as bored as I am with makeup, playing with colour is a fun thing to do. And I mean PLAY. The first thing that I do when I’m bored:

1. Try new colour combos you’ve never thought of before:

When I’m bored I start to SWATCH. Nothing satisfies this makeup junkie more than swatching. I love dipping my fingers in makeup and feeling it. And I love colour. So it’s no surprise that I love playing with my makeup and discovering what colours look good together. Here’s what I played with today:

MAC Expensive Pink and Lucky Green, MAC Green Smoke and Trax

MAC Cranberry and Aquavert, MAC Parfait Amour and Patina

Obviously the whole GREEN colour of the year is affecting me and I’m searching for some green colour combos I’ll love. It’s fun just swatching and seeing what colours look good together. You never know what will look good until you actually try it on your eyes though! You might discover something so amazing you’ll wonder why you never wore it before! So swatch away my friends!

2. Try some coloured eyeliners

I’ll admit it: COLOUR CAN BE INTIMIDATING. Heck, even this seasoned makeup junkie balks at the colour Emerald Green so I understand! But a good way to start getting used to injecting some colour into your makeup is with coloured eyeliners. The brighter, the better. Here let me show you:

Same boring, neutral eyeshadow look, BUT all I did was change up the eyeliner on the bottom lash line and BAZINGA!!!! – it looks different every single time!  Seriously, if you’re like me with and have a plethora of unused eyeliners, you could have a different eye look every day for about a month even though you’ve just used three BORING old neutral eyeshadows.

#3. Add some BRIGHT BLUSH to them cheekz

If you are a fellow blush fiend, I KNOW you have some blushes that make you go WTH WAS I THINKING????? after you brought that blush home. Well, what are you so scared of? PUT IT ON!

Becca Beach Tint Grapefruit, Urban Decay Quickie, Becca Petal, Stila Galdiola

Brighter blushes look fantastic on your cheeks my friends! There’s nothing that’ll perk up your look like a really great bright blush! Some of my favourites are:

Urban Decay Quickie, Becca Grapefuit, Stila Gladiiola, Becca Petal 

All are bright cream blushes, and even though they are so bright and colourful, because they are creams, they will look the most natural on cheeks because they will melt into you skin and give you the most gorgeous, bright, FUN cheek colour ever! DO IT. Wear it. LOVE it.

#4. Try A Bright BRIGHT Lipstick

Ok, I’m a lipstick bandit, so bright lipsticks don’t really scare me. BRING IT ON is my motto with lipstick. But honestly, it should be everyone’s motto. NOTHING brightens up your face as much as a beautiful bright lipstick, especially the- ahem- older you get. As we age, we lose colour from our faces so we need to add some back. The brighter the lipstick, the better!

MAC Victoriana,  Shiseido PK 417, MAC Cockney, MAC Impassioned 

MAC Victorian, Shiseido PK 417, MAC Impassioned, MAC Cockney  

Find a bright, bold lipstick that goes with your skin tone and you’ll wear it for life. It’ll always have that ability to perk you up, make you feel good-make you HAPPY and not bored any more. It’ll be your best friend in the darkest of makeup days. Do it. You might even discover that something as PINK and frosty as MAC Victorian which is in your stash because of –well, obviously it was  a makeup fart- is actually quite wearable. WHO KNEW?

MAC Victorian

So yeah. That’s what I’ve been up to lately. PLAYING with my makeup!

What do you do when you’re bored with your makeup?