Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree With Bourjois Volume Clubbing Black Jack Mascara

Bourjois’s popular Volume Clubbing Mascara has a new golden Black Jack version out just in time for rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

Apparently, there are 2 large reservoirs that cross through the whole length of the brush to load
with more product so that your lashes get coated faster with lots of mascara.
The mascara brush has 2 high density combing zones which is kind of cool. One side has more bristles to coat your lashes with mascara and the other is more like a comb to separate and define them.

What’s special about the Bourjois Volume Clubbing Black Jack Mascara is that it’s an intense black vinyl formula with golden micro-nacres to give your lashes a subtle radiant effect.  Because you’ve probably never seen a micro-nacre before, I smeared some on kleenex to show you.

                                                            You’re welcome.


Bourjois Volume Clubbing Black Jack Mascara is REALLY thick and boy, they aren’t kidding about that brush loading thing either. In fact, the brush picks up so much mascara you must wipe of the excess onto a kleenex or you’ll be getting micro-nacres all over your eyes and who wants that, right? So wipe off the excess first so that those nacres stay on your lashes where they belong!
The two brush zones are kind of a cool concept actually. The combing side helps to get rid of any clumping and separate your lashes. The mascara is really black, but you have to look really close to see those little gold nacres. They really aren’t noticeable at all and I didn’t notice any specks falling into my eye so that’s a good thing. As far as length and volume goes though, I find it pretty average at the moment-but this is one of those mascaras that I know will get better as it gets older. The thicker formulas tend to get better for me as they age. It stays put all day with no flaking or smudging.
It’s supposed to be heat and humidity resistant, two things that are totally foreign to me right now:

The sun starts to set after 4:00 pm now which means if you go clubbing you can easily club for 12 hours hahahaha
How many times and ways can I use club in a sentence? A clubber can easily club in a variety of clubs and continue to club for at least 12 hours, because clubbing hours are extended in Edmonton, the city of late night
winter clubbing. There. 6. 

You can get Bourjois Volume Clubbing Black Jack Mascara($20 CAN) at Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada!

How many times can you use the word club in a sentence?  

*Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much