Beauty In The Bitter COLD with Russell Organics, Korres, Avon and more!

                                      This is what it’s like to live in Edmonton lately:

Add some bracing windchill to those temperatures and it’s felt more like around -22 Celsius. And when it’s that cold and you’re going to be outside for a length of time (even if its just to walk to the mail super box), you HAVE to dress like this, or risk losing an ear:

I don’t do hats-makes the red hair lose its Elvis quality

You can see the fear in my eyes, right? That’s the FEAR OF BITTER COLD my friends. It’s hard to hide that fear. AND you lose all sense of fashion too-it becomes a foreign word to your cold brain. Notice the mix of plaid and leopard print I’m sporting-FETCH, isn’t it?

When it’s this cold, it’s time to change up the beauty routine accordingly.

It also means it’s time to put away the FUN mittens:

If you’re Canadian you’ll recognize Finnegan from Mr. Dress-Up!

And take out the BIG GUN MITTENS, or the  I-Live-In-Canada-Mittens:

AND use these Little Hotties in your mittens and boots to keep warm! See the zipper in my heavy duty mittens? That’s where you put one of these hand warmers:

Really cold weather means it time to bring out the best moisturizer; the one that’s tried, tested and truly gives skin some much needed hydration that stays with you all day.

*Russell Organics Argan Oil is my choice of moisturizer when it’s bitterly cold. It’s 100% Pure Argan Oil-nothing else in there. No additives. No fillers. No fragrance. No toxins. I use it everywhere I need some moisture at this time of year-on my face, on my hands, on my hair and nails-on any part of my body that needs some help. And compared to some other companies, $28 a bottle is reasonable and muchly appreciated! LOVE it! Visit and check it out!

When it’s really cold, I personally don’t like using foundations. I’m not liking most foundations lately. I just don’t like the way they sit on my skin when it’s cold. Also, I’m not liking my skin not looking like skin when I wear foundation. I’ve been just using concealer in places I need it and the one that’s my favourite at the moment is the Giorgio Armani Maestro Concealer #3:

This stuff is AMAZING and by far one of the best concealers I’ve tried in a long, long time.

The texture is really thin and watery as you can see. I give it a good shake and squirt a bit onto the back of my hand and apply where I need some help. I use my fingers to apply it. It has just enough coverage to hide imperfections, yet still looks like my skin. I think the dry oil base really has the ability to fuse with your skin and let it show through somehow. Funnily enough, I wasn’t crazy about the GA Maestro Foundation though. It tends to catch on dry patches a lot more than the concealer does, so I did not get it after trying a sample in California last month. Might be a better summer foundation for me.

Next is blush! And when it’s cold, I like a more waxy cream cheek colour and my favourite one is Three Custom Color Specialist Watercolour for Cheeks in Violet Lotus:

Violet Lotus is a pretty neutral plum that’s sheer and dewey feeling. It feels and look so natural. Lanolin is the first ingredient, and I find that really helps keep my cheeks feeling moisturized.

Brows and eyes are important when that’s the only part of your face that the world is seeing when it’s this cold! So after filling in my brows, I like using something with a bit of shine, and NARS Vent Glacé eyeshadow duo (with it’s fitting name) is perfect:

I use a waterproof eyeliner when it’s cold and windy, and Lise Watier’s Eyeshine in Black Gold is one of my faves:

I love Lise Watier Eye pencils and have quite a few of them! They stay put, and this Black Gold one has some sparkle in it that helps light up the eyes. The sparkle doesn’t irritate eyes either.

Then, I apply some mascara only to the top lashes(because my eyes tend to water in cold wind and I hate waterproof mascaras) and the eyes are done!

Time for lips!  Forget the lipstick. I need a nice, hydrating lip balm with some colour.

*Korres Lip Butters in Pomegranate and Mango get the nod! With their hydrating natural oils and shea butter, they just melt into your lips giving them long lasting moisture plus a lovely tint!

My hands get SO DRY and scaly when it’s cold like this. My new favourite hand creams are from Avon:

*Avon Skin So Soft Winter Soft Hand Cream and Intense Hand Cream contain Vitamin E and Shea Butter to keep hands moisturized no matter what comes my way. The regular version keeps hands moisturized for 24 hours, and the Intense is a thicker, more concentrated version of it to give hands some hardcore TLC. They smell like a floral baby powder and I like it! Not overpowering at all. I like the Avon Skin So Soft scent a lot. The intense takes a minute to sink in, but boy, will your hands will be soft after you use it! You can get them online at or by calling 1-800-265-AVON.

                          Then, grab your favourite flannel shirt and brace yourself for the cold!

see-THERE’S the Elvis hair

Because damn it-you ARE Canadian. Your hair is the freakin’ colour of a maple leaf for cryin’ out loud. So stop whining about the cold and start to LIKE it. It’s going to be here for a long, long time!

Besides, a shot…or two…or three… of Sortilège (Canadian Whisky and Maple Liqueur) will warm you up! It’s medicinal, I swear it is. Keeps the flu and colds away!

I’d share some with you all if I could! Cheers to you all!

What are some of your Cold Weather Beauty tips? Share!

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