Brand Grudges Get You Nowhere: Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set

I’m not a huge Tarte fan. I do like the Amazonian Clay blushes, although why some of the new ones need glitter in them is beyond me. I used to love their eyebrow pencil when I was blonde(seems like AGES ago now). It was my HG pencil. I’ve tried other things from them too, but nothing really warranted a repurchase in my experiences.

Around the holidays though, Tarte always comes out with an incredible value set that everyone covets in the beauty world. I’ve always wanted to get one, but every time I’ve swatched their eyeshadows I get turned off. I just don’t think the pigmentation is all that. I’ve actually had a clutch palette from them a few years ago, and the eyeshadows were just bad. Poor payoff, and they faded on me quickly. I don’t know about you, but all it takes is one bad experience with a brand and then I have a bad taste in my mouth which makes me stay away. Guess I’m a little bit of a grudge holder when it comes to beauty! What can I say? I don’t like being disappointed!

So when I was sent the new Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set, I wasn’t all too excited about it. I took a quick peek at it, but didn’t really have the time to give it a try since we were leaving for holidays. So I left it on my desk.


The Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set is PERFECT for taking with you on a trip! It has pretty much everything you need inside its own travel case. GENIUS.

Included in the set:

– a mini Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Adventurous (shimmering rose)
– a mini Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
– 8 x mini  Maracuja Lip Glosses
– a sample of Lights, Camera, Lashes! 4-In-1 Mascara
– Face brush
– 24 Amazonian Clay Eyeshadows in a palette
– and the Adventurer bag

Being a blush fiend, the first thing I swatched was the Adventurous blush:

It’s a really pretty bronze-rose shade that goes with anything BUT has some glitter in there. Grrr Tarte-you and your glitter happy blush elves drive me NUTS. Luckily, if you tap your blush brush, most of the big glitter falls off and doesn’t end up on the cheeks. The way MOST of us like it Tarte, ya hear?

Glitter aside, the shade is really great, lasts all day too. Love it!

Next, the eyeshadow palette, which unfortunately arrived a little damaged:

Which begs the question-Is this good to take to travel with or will they all fall apart? I think it would have been fine if this was packed in my suitcase amongst some t-shirts and such to soften any blows. In a UPS box-well, not so much. And of course it had to be the bright purple shade too that had to get injured, right? MY LUCK.

But remember, I’ve been jaded by Tarte Eyeshadows, so technically when it arrived like that I was all: No Biggie. They probably suck anyways.

I started swatching:

This quad was meh when I swatched, so I assumed I was gonna be right. They seemed average to me and my swatchy fingers.

Wait. That purple is PIGMENTED! A PURPLE! Actually, the whole quad was pretty good. I was a little…flabbergasted.

This quad was good too! Hmmm…. maybe I was wrong? Maybe Tarte wasn’t so bad?

OH YEAH. I was wrong. Tarte eyeshadows are SO MUCH BETTER now!

See that lavender shade and how the glitter makes the shadow look wet? LOVE it.

And finally the greens. Which btw, I’ve been loving since I’m obsessed with everything that reminds me of The Hobbit at the moment. And green is very hobbity, no?

Just goes to show me how much a brand can change in a few years! I hated their eyeshadows before, but they’ve definitely improved since then! I mean they’re not perfect and some are better than others, but they feel really smooth, soft and blend beautifully. And I’m happy to report that they don’t fade either when used over a primer and last all day. I do wish there were a few more mattes in the palette, but I have to say the highlight shades are kind of my favourite of the eyeshadows. They give such an ethereal glow! Just gorgeous!

sorry for the deer-in the headlights look haha

This post is starting to get really long! But I promise I’m almost done haha.

The 8 Maracuja Lip Glosses are sheer yet have enough pigmentation to show up nicely, have a minty smell and taste and feel really moisturizing. And they last pretty well too for me-about 2 hours on my dry lips.

Jena, Mer, Ali, Nuria
Heath, Casey, Anna, Mel

Sorry for those last swatches being so askew, but the tiny doe-foot applicators proved to be quite the opponent for me and prevented me from getting straight swatches. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
And, I didn’t take lip swatches of every shade because I thought this post was long enough already so I apologize! I did a take a FOTD wearing products from the kit!

Yup. It’s THAT time of year again. Busted out the Christmas Snoopy T-shirt.
Classy, right? Really goes well with my Alfalfa wings on the top of my head too.
And WHY is my neck yellow??? 

I’m wearing the green eyeshadow quad, Tarte Lights! Camera! Lashes! Mascara (which is a great mascara and gives nice definition and length) the Adventurous Amazonian Clay Blush and Heath Marajuca Lip Gloss. And I used the Face Brush to apply the Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder to my t-zone. It kind of reminds me of the MUFE HD High Definition Powder actually, but it helps to balance the skin. I don’t have oily skin at all right now, so I can’t comment on it’s balancing abilities too much. But at least it didn’t make my skin feel any drier!

I really, really LOVE this Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set and I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner! Holding brand grudges makes you miss out on some great products!

The Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set is available from Sephora and costs $70 CAN. Do I think it’s worth it? Actually, yes I do! I think it a really great set for you or for anybody on your holiday shopping list. According to Sephora it’s a $665 value( seriously? I think someone needs to get off the meds over there, but whatever). I think it’s a great value though, since I think the eyeshadows are worth the $70, so everything else is kind of a freebie then. I like the small gloss sizes-easy to travel with, easy to put in your purse. And I do think this is a great travel set. The bag is pretty great actually and can easily house everything you need for a holiday. Throw an eyeliner in there and a few brushes and you’re all set!

Do you hold brand grudges too? Share them!

*Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much