By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Palette from the Lise Watier Glamourose Winter 2012 Collection

Nothing makes me gasp out loud like a new Lise Watier Collection:

Lise Watier’s Holiday 2012 collection is called the Glamourose Collection and it’s simply elegant, refined and oh so pretty!

The first piece I’ll show you today is the sequined covered Glamourose Palette in Silvery Moon and it will take your breath away!

And the inside is just as pretty too!

Inside there are three eyeshadows that are half cream, half powder and a rose embossed blush.

swatches in the sun

The blush is a shimmery peach as you can see with some glitter (which is easily tapped off the brush).

swatches indoors

The eyeshadows in the Lise Watier Galmourose Silvery Moon Palette are the stars of this holiday collection. SO creamy, SO soft, SO buttery-they are really amazing. The espresso brown is more of a matte base with some silver glitter, while the silver and peach shades are shimmers.

What I adore about the Lise Watier Galmourose Silvery Moon Palette is that this is NOT your typical gold eyeshadows and red lipsticks for the holidays kind of collection. I don’t know about you but I get SO BORED with holiday collections-they all look the same to me after awhile and I love seeing something different like this! It’s a breath of fresh wintry air for me, and I’ll get so much more use out of these shades.

I did a really simple look, but you can of course really smoke out the eyeshadows for a gorgeous evening look. But I wanted to show just how simply pretty this palette can look on your eyes:

Icy, wintry and fresh is the vibe I get from the Lise Watier Glamourose Silvery Moon Palette and I love it. By far this is my FAVOURITE winter collection yet!

The Lise Watier Glamourose Winter 2012 Collection is limited edition and you can find it online at and at Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada.

And, Lise Watier is starting to ship to the USA as well! YAY!

What’s your favourite Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection so far?

*Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much