mark. Very Sassy Eau de Parfum Spray and Body Lotion

In case you didn’t know, mark. has some really great fragrances, and one of my favourite new ones is mark. Very Sassy.

Why? Well, I like a fragrance that’s sassy like me. Sassy!

mark. Very Sassy Eau de Parfum Spray and Body Lotion

When I first smelled mark. Very Sassy, it instantly triggered a memory from my childhood. It reminded me of one of my mother’s friends. She was AWESOME. Really stylish. And she’d give us candy at church all the time. EVEN when I was older and at University. She was the best! Very Sassy smells almost like the perfume she wore!

mark. Very Sassy has notes of fruity black currant, floral yellow jasmine and grounded with earthy musk. I’m not huge on fruity fragrance, but this one isn’t so fruity. The Black currant isn’t very sweet, and on me the jasmine takes over quite quickly. It’s not an old lady jasmine smell at all, if ya’ know what I mean, as sometimes that’s what jasmine reminds me of. This is more sophisticated. Sassy you could say!

mark. Very Sassy has pretty great lasting power as well. I get a good 6 hours of wear before it fades. Even longer when I first use the body lotion and layered the eau de parfum spray over. The body lotion is really nice and moisturizing too!

You can get mark. Very Sassy online at or by calling 1-800-265-AVON.

Does fragrance trigger memories for you too?