A Few Of My Different Favourite Makeup Brushes

When I buy a makeup brush, I always try to imagine how it will fit into my makeup life. If it’ll have a purpose. Will I use it? Or can I use it another way? Will it be worth the price?

These are a few of the more eclectic brushes in my arsenal that I use all the time and I’m really glad I have them!

The first one is my Smashbox Fan Brush #22.

Smashbox Fan Brush #22

If you love highlighters as much as I do, then a fan brush is something you should think of getting. Fan brushes are great for applying the lightest and sheerest application of makeup products due to the way the brush fans out. I use mine to apply highlighters, bronzers that look too dark for me, and scarily pigmented blushes. The other thing it’s great for is brushing away any eyeshadow fallout under your eye. And it’s also good to use for a really light dusting of a pressed or loose powder. I’ve even heard that they make good foundation brushes as well, although I haven’t tried that yet.

MAC 227

My MAC 227 Brush was something I bought when I was first starting to get into makeup rather heavily. It’s a big , fluffy flat brush that’s great to use when you want to sweep a light nude shade all over your lid fast. Makes it really simple! It’s also great to use to blend out the edges of eyeshadows with a lighter shade that matches my skin tone so that I get a seamless look. And it also works well to apply concealer. The only thing that bothers me about it is that the colour runs a bit when I wash it, otherwise I like it a lot. If I could find one that works like it and doesn’t run, I’d buy it in a heart beat. Still haven’t though.

Burberry Eye Brush No. 11 Eye Shaper Brush

This is a Burberry Eye Brush No.11 Eye Shaper Brush. I bought it when I was under a trance at a Burberry counter when I first discovered the brand. I’d had a brush like this before from Quo, but the colour ran really badly every time I washed it which I don’t mind. BUT it would turn whatever eyeshadow I used blacker when I’d blend! So when I saw this Burberry one, I got it to replace that one. It’s a wide contour brush I use for the outer corners of the lid to add depth. The unique angle makes it really easy to do that. You can use the tip of it to blend into the crease as well. It could be a tad softer, but I still love it!

Smashbox Definer Brush #15

Another Smashbox brush! They really do make great brushes. This one is the Smashbox Definer Brush #15. It’s a great detail brush for contouring your crease colour, especially if you have smaller eyes like me. I also use it to place a darker shade into the V of my eyelid and smoke it out. It also works really well to apply cream eyeliner on the lid for a more smoky blended look instead of a precise line.

Lise Watier Definition Brush

Lise Watier makes some great brushes too, and this one is my favourite. It’s the Lise Watier Definition Brush. Can you see the bit of point on the tip there? That’s what I love about it. I use this one to blend the edge of my crease colour out to my brow. The point makes it so easy to just get the edge blended out for a seamless transition.

Bare Mineral Rock n’ Roll Brush

This is a Bare Minerals Rock n’ Roll Brush from a Rocker Eye kit they had out one year. I didn’t get the kit for the shadows, I got it because I wanted this brush! A lot of times Bare Minerals has some really cool brushes only available in their kits. This double ended brush is great for applying shadow as a liner on the bottom lash line with the pointy end, and smudging liner or shadow with the blunt end. I love this brush and wish they’d make it a permanent one.

These are a few of the different brushes I have in my collection that I love and use all the time. Good brushes are so important to have if you love makeup. I really believe they can make all the difference in your makeup application and make it so much easier! And fun too!

What are some of your different favourite makeup brushes?