My Wake The F$*# UP Makeup

I was up until 7:30 AM yesterday. SEVEN THIRTY in the MORNING.

I could not fall asleep at all. Just couldn’t do it. Needless to say, when I finally did manage to fall asleep, I at least had the smarts to set my alarm to wake up at 10:30 AM. I didn’t want to sleep until late in the afternoon! Waking up was hard, REALLY HARD. I did not want to move. Or get dressed. Or put makeup on. But I had things to do today! I had to get ready.

I had to wake the  F$@*  UP!

First things first-Coffee in my favourite mug and some sunlight! Nothing like some sunlight to help you open up the eyes I say!

I know, you are jealous of my mug, but it’s mine

This mug makes me smile every day! Now that I’m finally caffeinated, it’s time to get ready!

After washing up, it’s time to moisturize. And my moisturizer of choice for days like this is Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel

It’s got Dragon’s Blood in it haha! The geek in me loves that. This gel absorbs quickly and helps to define facial contours and plump sagging skin. Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel forms a film around the face which protects, reduces redness and firms for a smoother, plumper and more younger complexion. Love this stuff so far!

My skin tends to be really dry and flaky when I don’t get enough sleep, so my go to product to help combat that is Make Up Forever HD Elixir.

It’s a serum primer that brightens and hydrates the skin and keeps flakes at bay. I tend to use this quite a bit once the weather gets cold. It helps any foundation look more radiant and I need radiance today!

Days like this I am really grateful for my Giorgio Armani Master Corrector #2. I’ve used this dark circle corrector for about 3 years now. Even though I’ve tried other correctors, I keep going back to this one because it works.

The fine brush lets me put the concealer exactly where I need it and I just pat away the darkness.

Today the foundation I used was the Bourjois 10 hour Sleep Effect Foundation. I love using this foundation when I am feeling tired. It really does help make you look more rested and radiant. As you can see, radiance is a theme for my wake up makeup!

 Eyes are next!

Nothing brightens my eyes and stays put like my Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill #8, which I swiped over my eye lid. I then took a bit of MAC Omega and blended that into the crease for a bit of definition.

Next is my eye brightening secret weapon.

Pur Minerals Hello Bright Eyes Pencil is a soft, pink colour that highlights and brightens eyes. I like using this on my waterline to reduce any redness and also like this:

I draw a v right in my inner corner and then smudge it out with the pencil’s attached smudger. It’s brilliant and I love that it’s not shimmery. It’s also great to use as an under the brow highlighter too.

A little bit of mascara and the eyes are bright, shiny and look awake- plus the under eye circles are concealed!

Next is a sweep of my Dior Aurora Bronzer all over the face for just a bit of colour, because my skin needs some colour when I’m exhausted. And some blush! Blush is very important on days like this as a nice, flush of colour will add life to tired skin. I’ve been rediscovering my Bare Minerals blushes and this one is called Vintage Peach, which is a lovely peach with some shimmer in it. Honestly, I don’t notice the shimmer on my cheeks, because once blended in it just turns into a pretty, healthy glow.

To seal in my makeup, add some moisture, and to add to the radiance I use my favourite setting spray EVER.

Skin Food Red Orange Makeup Finish smells like oranges which is energizing of course, but as you can see this one is called Glossy Type. It leaves a nice dewey glow behind and sets makeup for the day.
I like this Glossy one, but there is a mattifying one if you have oily skin.

                              A swipe of lip balm and I am done! Ready to face the world!

And when I start feeling tired (which I know will), I can always have some of this deliciousness to keep my energy levels up:

Yes, I’m still eating the baklava I got from Costco.  IT’S SO GOOD.

There you have it! My Wake The F$*#  Up Tutorial! I am so tired right now, but believe it or not it’s 11:25 PM and I am STILL UP. Sigh. I better not put these products away just yet, because I think I’m going to need them again tomorrow.

What are your favourite beauty products you use to fake 8 hours of sleep?