If You Can Find A Lipstick That Matches Your Hair, You Have To Get It! MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick

MAC and me don’t really get along lately. Well, that’s not quite true. Like I said before, I am still a fan of the MAC permanent line. It’s just that I’ve gotten pickier about my makeup in the last year or so. I don’t feel the need to get every single thing MAC releases. And my new beauty rule is that I won’t stand for mediocrity anymore! -so if something is not a good quality product, I don’t even give it a chance.

So when the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection was released, I was not interested at all. It just didn’t float my makeup boat. But last week I needed more brush cleaner, so off to MAC I went. And of course, I had to pass by the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection. I swear they put the brush cleaner at the back of the store on purpose. I’m on to you MAC.

The collection was picked over and pretty much empty, except for this one lipstick that was still in stock, MAC Scarlet Ibis(which actually is a re-release form the Iris Apfel Collection from last year):

MAC Scarlet Ibis

                                               I think it scared everyone. Except for me!

MAC Scarlet Ibis Indoors

The swatch above is indoors, and the right one is in the sun. I’d describe MAC Scarlet Ibis as a red orange, or an orange red if you prefer, and it’s matte. Depending on the light and your skin tone, it’ll either pull more orange, or more red. There’s nothing understated about it what-so-ever. And that’s what I love about it! You hardly need any other makeup on your face when you wear this-it just brightens up the face! A light dusting of blush, a little bit of understated shadow, mascara, Scarlet Ibis, and you are done!

MAC Scarlet Ibis

It’s a matte, so you MUST start with smooth lips, so exfoliate before you wear it- otherwise you’ll just accentuate any dry bits. It lasts forever-a good six hours and fades really nicely too. As dry as MAC’s matte lipsticks are, I actually can put up with them for some reason, especially THIS ONE. I mean-HELLO-it matches my HAIR!!!

wearing MAC Scarlet Ibis

And if you can get a lipstick that matches your hair, it’s an unwritten rule that you have to get it. Don’t ask me why, I don’t make this stuff up.

Ok, maybe I do. But it’s believable, right?

I think I found my signature lipstick shade. Who knew I had to dye my hair a crazy colour to find it?

Do you have a signature lipstick shade? What is it?