The Beauty Product Freak Magnet Returns, and Not So Surprisingly It’s Ellis Faas AGAIN

Remember when I told you about my super power of being a Beauty Product Freak Magnet? Well, I had ANOTHER weird happenstance with an Ellis Faas eyeshadow pen.

Again, I was feeling like using one of my Ellis Faas shadows this weekend and like I’ve said before-I love the product, but HATE the applicator. I started to twist the pen. Twist, twist, twist, and……


It’s the last thing I’d expect to happen to a high end product. Sheesh, right?
There’s a lot of product left in there!

I didn’t want to waste it or let it dry out. So I shoved the whole thing in a plastic baggie.

As I stood there staring at my baggie, I became miffed. I spent a nice chunk of change on that thing that was now in two pieces. IN A BAGGIE.

And then, I thought: this was a BLESSING.

I decided to do this:

I scooped out what was left in the pen applicator and put it in a pill box. AND I LIKE THIS SO MUCH BETTER!! No more twisting, no more wasting, no more useless brush!

I’m taking apart ALL of my Ellis Faas pens and “de-penning” them. I’ve had it with them breaking on me. I wish they’d just sell them in pots already because the pen is just noise to me. It’s the product that’s the star, not the applicator. This new freaky happenstance is making me think really hard whether I want to buy another product from them again though, ya’ know?

What makeup product container or applicator gives you headaches and you’d love to see changed?