This Lipstick Bandit Is NOT a Never-Nude!

As a Lipstick Bandit, I really love a great, bold lip colour. It’s just the easiest way to add some colour to my face. But sometimes, I do want to wear a a smokey eye. Not often mind you, as it’s getting harder to wear one the older I get.

I thought I had my perfect nude lipstick figured out. And then, I became a red head. That changed everything! I had to go back to the nude lipstick drawing board. I didn’t want to be a never-nude!

This is NARS Barbella. I know what your thinking-it’s not a light, beigey, corpse colour so it’s not a nude. But you see, I can’t really wear those concealer nudes for they clash too much with my skin tone. Being a pinky skinned redhead, I have to to think outside the nude box.

The swatch of NARS Barbella in the sun shows that it’s a sheer, light peach lipstick. It has just enough pigment to lighten my lips to a slight peachy tint. And that shade warms up my complexion just a tad, and goes with my crazy red hair. WIn, Win!

NARS Barbella goes on glossy, but becomes more matte as it settles down on your lips. It’s pretty moisturizing and I love the colour. This is about as nude a lip I can wear with this bright red hair! The only drawback with NARS Barbella is that it doesn’t last very long, but since it’s sheer, it’s easy to touch up -an easy swipe and go kind of lipstick, which I like! And more importantly, I am not a never-nude!

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