Nude Makeup Week #2! Burberry Pale Barley

Welcome to Nude Makeup Week Part 2! I couldn’t upload this earlier because of darn Photobucket. I don’t know, but ever since they’ve done some upgrade there seems to be problems every other week, at least for me. I feel like my photos are being held captive! Oh well.

Today’s nude eye look is Burberry Pale Barley, which is a really pretty, light golden beige. When it first came out, I didn’t want it( I know shocker, hey? me not wanting something by Burberry!) as I thought it would be too warm and gold for me. Golds are not my best friend.  I needed to see it in person. So when I was in San Francisco in July, I made sure to take a look at it. It was love at first swatch!

still have that thing about using my Burberry in the corner only haha

I think Burberry Pale Barley is one of those chameleon shades that changes colour in the light and suits every skin tone. It’s one of the few pale gold shadows that I can wear. The only other one I can wear is MAC Patina which is cooler toned than this.

Burberry Pale Barley is a nude staple for me. It looks good on its own, and it looks good combined with browns and purples when I feeling like blending, which truthfully ain’t that often. I’m a huge fan of  using one eyeshadow. Although, when I use Burberry shadows I don’t mind using two of them as they blend so easily! Honestly if you haven’t tried one of their eyeshadows you really have to!

One tip I have about wearing nude eyeshadows is to really pay attention to your lashes because they’ll be in the spotlight. Use a mascara that’s really black, and make sure you haven’t goofed up and got some on your lids during application, otherwise the nude eye ends up looking messy. Oh and CURL them. Extra curl them! It makes a huge difference!