Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator is DOUBLE GENIUS

Every once in awhile you come across a product that is genius. This one of those times!

This is the Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator and if you get as freaked out about using tweezers to put on false lashes as I do, then you need this. Heck, even if you don’t, this works SO MUCH BETTER I tell you.

Use the  grabby hands to pick up your lashes and apply a thin strip of glue. Then, once the glue is tacky, the grabby hands let you lay the lashes down exactly where you need them to go, which is in the centre and on your lash line. No fighting with your tweezers by your eye, trying to get your lashes in the right spot. The grabby hands make positioning false lashes a breeze!

The genius doesn’t stop there though! Take a look at the other side:

You see that? A rubber tip to gently press the edges of your false lashes down! No using the back of your metal tweezers! DOUBLE GENIUS.

The Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator is a must have tool that will turn you into a false-lash-applying machine! Pick one up at your local Sephora or online at

Do you wear false lashes a lot? What do you use to apply them?

Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much.