Red Is Best! Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge #8

I think this should be called The Year Of The Long-Wearing Lipstick, don’t you? It’s kind of cool that almost every brand is coming out with their own version. Gives us lots of choices!

The one brand that has the ability to create a truly long-wearing lipstick is Make Up Forever, and they did not disappoint!

This is Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge #8 designed by celeb make up artist Gina Brooke to be the official red lip of the MDNA tour. I have the same lipstick Madonna is wearing on tour! (Sorry-80s Tracy just geeked out there for a sec!)

                If you love a bright red lip, then Makeup Up Forever Aqua Rouge #8 is for you!
                It’s a true, vibrant red that is universally flattering and looks good on everybody.

The Makeup Forever Aqua Rouges are smudge-proof, 100% waterproof, kiss-prrof and will not transfer. Made with a combination of high molecular polymers and oils, the colour really locks onto the lips. Mica ensures intense colour payoff, and a gelling agent gives a comfortable and not drying feeling.


It’s a double ended product as you can see, with the colour stain on one side, and a clear gloss on the other to give a glossy finish to your lips. Nothing really all that new with that, right?

What’s NEW though about these Make Up Forever Aqua Rouges is how comfortable it is to wear! Seriously, I was scared to try this one out. Ask my friends. Long-wearing lipsticks like these ones just don’t do well on me. I usually find them super drying, and the colour flakes off as the day goes by. Not pretty.


Here’s the lip swatches taken in warm light, and cooler light:

This is the third long-wearing lipstick I’ve tested out and you know what? I like this one the best. I know-I can’t believe I just said that. Yup, this one rocks. Like Madonna. Why? Well, for one thing it was the least drying of any of the ones I’ve tried. Maybe it’s the gloss on top, and you could be right. But I walked around for awhile without the gloss on top to see what it felt like and it felt good! It didn’t feel drying at all. Even with the gloss, Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge #8 was so comfortable to wear that I could barely feel it on my lips. I wore this all day today and it’s still going strong 7 hours later! I did make sure I prepped my lips with a balm before testing, letting it soak in as much as possible and blotting any excess away with a tissue before applying. I do that with all long-wearing lipsticks though as a precaution.

Taking this off though requires a bit of elbow grease! You need an oil-free makeup remover for sure and some scrubbing is required. It really stays put I tell ya!

So, if you want or need a lipstick to last all day without touching up, then Make Up Forever Aqua Rouges are it I say. It has earned  Zombie Apocalypse Makeup Bag status, and is stored away for the big day, or for any other day I need an iron-clad red lippie. Which might be tomorrow. Or even the next day. Who knows? When it’s this comfy every day can be a Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge Wearing Day!

Make Up Forever Aqua Rouges retail for $27 CAN and can be found at your local Sephora, or ordered online at There are 11 other shades to choose from, just in case you don’t feel like channeling Madge. 🙂

Have you jumped on the long-wearing lipstick train yet?

Disclamer: I was sent this product to review by PR/Company. Love it or leave it, but my review and opinions are my own thoughts and words, thank you very much.