Is It My Imagination, Or Is Skin Care Getting Really Expensive?

Remember when La Mer used to be one of the most expensive face creams around?

Yeah, well not anymore. I was doing some online browsing and was kind of shocked at how expensive some new skin care items are! Even Estee Lauder is getting in on the high price tag action.

I know I’ve talked about the expense of skin care before, but it just seems to be getting worse in my eyes. I mean wow, now a good chunk of your paycheque is what a face cream can cost you! I know this may sound a tad hypocritical to some of you because I do indulge in high end cosmetics. But I think spending $35 on a lipstick doesn’t even compare to the cost of some of those face creams up there.

And it sucks because I am getting older and am trying hard to try and keep my skin healthy and happy and as young looking as possible. But do I really have to spend this much to do that? I mean sheesh I can’t eat oatmeal for weeks on end because I want to try a cream that might help my skin look better. And might is the key word there, because you really don’t know if something is going to make a difference until at least the 4 week mark. 

Will it ever get cheaper? Probably not. But just know, that the best thing you can do for your skin isn’t buying one of these expensive face creams. It’s taking care of yourself. Eating healthy. Exercising. Drinking lots and lots of water. And sunscreen-LOTS of it. 
Oh, and laugh a little hey? Getting old does suck, but smiling makes it a bit more bearable. 🙂

What do you guys think? Am I being too sensitive about the cost of skin care? Anybody out there use one of these high end face creams that can tell me they work wonders and are worth the price?