Friday Fun Stuffs: Some Favourite Reads Of Mine, And A Few Other Ramblings


I’ve been making an effort to read other kinds of blogs, not just beauty blogs. I’m trying to make myself a well-rounded, down-to-earth, healthy and stylish Blush Fiend! So I thought I’d share of my few favourite other kinds of blogs and other things with you all!

Twenty York Street is a great Fashion/Lifestyle blog written by the beautiful ML. Right now she has a great contest going on, The Jacob Chic Suitcase where if she wins, you win as well! Check it out!

 One of my favourite food blogs is The Girl Who Ate Everything. I want to eat everything she makes!

Design Mom is written by Gabby who was once a Graphic Designer/Art Director now turned blogger that blogs about life, motherhood and design. Right now she lives in France and it’s fun to read about her life.

 I have been a HUGE fan of Steven and Chris for as long as they’ve been around, and their TV show and website is one of my faves for everything from recipes to design ideas to exercise tips! I love those guys.

I’ve been loving exercising a lot lately thanks to lolo fit apps on my iPhone. The apps take music from your iPod and automatically speeds up or slows them down to perfectly match the pace of your feet on the treadmill or whatever workout you choose depending on the app. The trainer’s voice is motivating as well and I enjoy my workouts a lot more because I’m listening to great music that I enjoy!

Also, I’ve been missing dancing lately. I used to Ukrainian dance when I was younger. A lot younger. Here’s a pic of me in one of my costumes(I was Miss Ukraine-Kiev during Folklorama in Winnipeg one year):

Look at young, skinnier Tracy! Collarbones, oh how I miss you. And I miss my dark hair too. Still had them cheeks though, see?

So yeah I want to take dancing again. But I’m thinking I want to tap dance! I want to tap dance like Gene Kelley and Donald O’Connor:

I need to look for lessons. And SHOES.

Lastly, I take my FOTDs in my computer room because I have a big window there which is right at the front of my house. I used to worry about the neighbours, but now I don’t really care. Not only do the neighbours get to se me mugging for the camera, but the other day this guy was enjoying the show as well:

What fun things have you been reading, doing, wanting to do? Please share them!