Sometimes, A Daughter Knows Best: MAC Strut Eye Brow Pencil

I have had SUCH a problem figuring out my eyebrows since going red. It’s been driving me bonkers! One day I’d think-yes! that looks not bad!-and then I’d see my reflection later on and my eyebrows would look too dark and brown. And angry. So I’d try something else. Then they’d look too light. And happy. Grrrrr. You see, I think eyebrows have to look somewhere in between angry and happy. Too dark and angry makes you look scary, and too light and happy makes you look-well, goofy. I don’t need any help in the goofy department-I do quite fine all on my own and don’t need any help from my eyebrows thank you very much! Nothing I had matched well enough-pencil or shadow. I was starting to think that I’d have to get them dyed to match.

Then my daughter Marky, who’s been a redhead for almost 2 years now, came to my rescue and handed me her old MAC Eye Brow Pencil in Strut. She has really, really red hair now-even redder than mine, so she uses an eyebrow shadow from Illamasqua now.

I now have ONE MORE reason to love my offspring! She’s a genius.

It is the PERFECT colour for me. It’s not too red, but a nice warm brown-auburn I’d say. The slight red tint in Strut compliments my red hair. The pencil is very thin too, which I love so I can be nice and precise about where I place the colour. It’s really pigmented too, so I do find I have to use a  gentle hand when using it. I really like that it’s a twist up, retractable pencil too-no fussing with a sharpener is always a bonus in my books.

MAC Strut goes on smoothly, and stays put all day for me.

I tell you, it’s quite a relief not having to worry about my brows anymore. I have no problem leaving the house without any makeup on and do so quite often. But the one thing that I always do is fill in my brows. I find that makes me look better because they frame my face. These chubby cheeks need structure!

I feel WHOLE again! And I owe it all to my lovely daughter who this time, knew best.

I taught her well, hey?

Do you fill in your brows? What do you use?

  • It’s so hard when you have red hair I know! Try it! I gave one to my friend who is Korean and dyed her hair red and it works for her too! It’s a great shade!

  • I just went back to copper red (from black). I love Kevyn Aucoin’s precision brow pencil, but it’s expensive and for whatever reason the Auburn shade can be harder to track down than the others. Clinique’s Superfine Liner For Brows in Soft Auburn is a good color match too and the same price as MAC’s, but I still prefer the MAC formula. It stays put much better. My drugstore budget brow pencil is from Rimmel in Dark brown, which is definitely a lot more red than brown 😛