The Blush Ban Has Lifted!

Blush! Blush! Blush!

So, it’s June! That means my blush ban is OVER. DONE.

Can I say that I’m kind of happy that I can buy blush again? Actually, I think I’m ECSTATIC.

It’s been a little rough not buying my favourite product for the past 5 months, but it needed to be done. I needed to take a step back. The ban also made me appreciate and rediscover some of the really great blushes I have in my collection. It also made me realize exactly what colours of blush work for me and which ones don’t.

But there are a few that I am DYING to check out. Like the new Buxom Blushes that came out way at the beginning of the year. Or the new Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blushes. Or the new Korres Cheek Butters. NARS had a couple of colours that came out, so I’ll probably check them out as well. That Giorgio Armani Face Palette I am so lemming for, and the Le Metier de Beaute Cheek Kaleidoscope-that thing is like a Blush Fiend’s dream come true! And someday, somehow, I have to get a Tom Ford Blush. I just have to. I think my Blush Fiend Certificate will be revoked if I don’t own one of them soon! I just have to find a willing fellow blush fiend across the border to assist me haha! Any volunteers? 🙂

But, I know I’ll be more selective when I look at blush now thanks to the ban. I won’t be buying blush with an all willy-nilly-take-them-all-home-attitude like I used to have. So probably a lot of these blushing beauties I’m lemming for won’t make it home with me like they would have in the old days. Old days haha. That’s funny. 
I’m a leaner, meaner, pickier, better Blush Fiend now! 
Have you been under a self-imposed buying ban? Did it change the way you buy products? Or not?