Beauty Confessions #15: What’s Your Bad Beauty Habit?

Bad Habits. We all have them. Nobody is perfect!

And when it comes to beauty, makeup, etc., there are A LOT of bad habits that some of us do, even though we KNOW they are bad, bad, bad. And more bad.

So, I figured it would be fun for us to fess up! Right? Right?

So, what’s Tracy’s Bad Beauty Habit?

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I pop. Not all zits mind you. I’m not totally nuts-just a bit squirrelly! Ok, maybe more than a bit. But I only do it to the ones that really hurt and are begging for it. I know, I know- you’re not supposed to do that! But sometimes it just feels so much better when you pop, right? And what if it goes all Bill Murray/Osmosis Jones on me and explodes in public? Shudder. And besides, why am I still getting spots at MY age? Sigh. 

I do try to be gentle and use one of these extractors so I don’t do too much damage:

To help take of any scarring I use my Luminaze pigment corrector, or the Clinique Clinical Dark Spot corrector. Both of those work really well to correct the evidence left by my bad habit.

Ok, it’s your turn! I can’t be the only one with a bad beauty habit here.

Or can I? Please prove me wrong. Please.

Do you have a bad beauty habit?