Deep Thoughts By Tracy: You Could Say I’m A Whole Lot Of Livid About This

This is my first Dior Foundation, Diorskin Sculpt Line Smoothing Firming Makeup.


I got it for free in December when I redeemed some Shopper’s Optimum Points. I had never tried a Dior Foundation, and figured free was a good time to do it.

I wore it all through December pretty much, and then moved on to something else as I do in my foundation quest for THE ONE TO RULE THEM ALL. (Which btw, I think I have finally found, so stay tuned for that)

The other day, I wanted to wear it again and for some reason I looked on the bottom of the bottle. Not sure why, but I did.

And looky at this:

                       WHAT THE WHAT???!!!

It’s EXPIRED!!! I was sold an expired foundation!!! HOW?? WHY????
It’s over a bloody year old right now, and I JUST GOT IT IN DECEMBER.

You could say I’m a little livid. OK, maybe a whole lot of livid.

Did the Shopper’s SA give this expired one to me because I was redeeming points and not paying for it? Or does Shoppers not do expiration checks regularly and pull expired product off the shelf???

I should not have been given an expired product PERIOD. I don’t care if it’s never been opened. That item should not have been on the shelf to sell to anyone after February 2011.

So now I don’t trust SAs at stores to check for expiration dates. I’ve become a cynical makeup junkie. Maybe even paranoid. But I warn all of you to start checking so that the same thing doesn’t happen to any of you.

Or you’ll be a whole lot of livid as well.

UPDATE: Shopper’s Drug Mart  has asked me to email them the details. I’ll let you all know what happens!