Beauty Confessions #13: Apparently I Treat My High End Products Differently

So after I did my Burberry Lavender Blue post, I kind of noticed something. See if you do too.

 See it? No? How about now:

Still no?


Apparently, I treat my high end products differently. It’s totally subconscious, but as you can see with my Burberry eyeshadows, I tend to use them ever so gently from the upper left corner. Not the right. Almost like I don’t want to disturb the Burberry-ness or something like that. But with cheaper shadows, I go in with my brush  all willy-nilly-full-force-full-monty-smack-dab-in-the-middle.


WHO KNEW that I treated my high end shadows differently than my cheaper eyeshadows!
I feel… bad in a way. Is this weird? Am I a bad beauty junkie?

Do YOU do the same thing I’ve been doing-take greater care when using your higher end products? Or do you treat all of your products equally with the same exuberance?