New At The Drugstore: Essence Cosmetics Look At Me Lipstick And Stay With Me Long Lasting Lipgloss

The other day I was at Shopper’s Drug Mart mailing a package, when out of the corner of my eye I spied the most colourful display of makeup I’ve ever seen. So, of course I had to stop to see what it was.

Essence Cosmetics is here!

Essence is a German Cosmetics Company that launched in the USA last year and has also come to Canada. They offer great quality cosmetics at budget beauty prices-I believe nothing costs more than $4.99, and they have pretty much everything too-lipstick, gloss, polish, shadows-even fake lashes.

I decided I’d try out a lipstick and a lipgloss. Both were $2.99. Yup you read that right-$2.99 each.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t payed $2.99 for a drugstore lipstick since 1982!

I picked Look At Me Lipstick in Like A Lady, and Stay With Me Long Lasting Lipgloss in Candy Bar.  

Like A Lady is a bright pink that’s really fresh and bright! It smooth and moisturizing and feels almost like a lip balm. It has a slight candy smell/taste to it, but it’s not overpowering like say an Estee Lauder Lipstick.
You know those Revlon Lip Butters that I like? Yeah, this Essence Lipstick is WAY better than those, lasts longer(about 3 hours on me) and is cheaper. What’s not to love?

Candy Bar Stay With Me Lipgloss is a hot pinky coral shade with a smooth, creamy texture. It has pretty good pigmentation for a gloss and is not too sticky. It has a silicone applicator that’s hourglass shaped, which works great to apply the gloss on your bottom lip, but kind of awkward to use on the upper lip. But, this lasts for at around 2 hours on my lips which is pretty awesome for a gloss!

Lipstick + Lipgloss 

I’m kind of blown away at how good these two products are. I wasn’t expecting much for something that cheap, but I’d happily get more of these!

I’ve heard good things about a few other Essence products, so I think I might go pick up a few more things to try out.

Why not? Most of these great Essence makeup items cost LESS than a Starbucks Coffee! And they are calorie free and won’t keep me up until 3 AM. You gotta love that!

Have you tried anything by Essence? Let me know what else is good!