Beauty Confessions #12: The Makeup Product I Ignore

I love makeup. But I don’t love all makeup products equally. Some I love so much that I can’t even imagine ever being without, like blush.

But there are some products I tend to look at and think-yeah, I don’t want to play with YOU today.
Umm, yeah-I talk to my makeup. Hands up if you do too! I think it’s one of the signs that you’re a makeup junkie. I’m pretty sure it says that in the Handbook Of The Insatiable Beauty Addict. 

The one product that I usually don’t want to play with is eyeliner, even though I have enough of it to draw a line from here to Mars and back. And I even bought another one the other day too. Have I worn it yet? Nope. But it sure is pretty.

this is probably 1/16 of my eyeliners-not even kidding

I just can’t seem to bother with eyeliner most days lately. Even though I love it, I’ve realized lately that I look better without eyeliner. My eyes look more open and wide awake if I don’t line the heck out of my eyes.

I’m sure it’s just a phase I’m going through(I tend to go through makeup phases) and one day I’ll pick up an eyeliner and say Oh Hello lovely! But right now, it happens to be the one makeup product I tend to ignore.

Do you ignore a makeup product too? What’s the one product that you tend to skip?