Beauty Confessions #10: What’s YOUR Makeup Love Story?

                                    Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

I thought today would be a good day to talk about the longest relationship I’ve had in my life: Makeup.

                                   My Makeup Love Story!

Believe it or not, I’ve had an on-again-off-again-on-again relationship with makeup.

There were times in my life that I just didn’t really wear it. I wore makeup in high school and University, and loved my cobalt blue eyeliner and mascara! I still have a soft spot for blues as you know. The 80s never really leave you I say. 🙂

I discovered MAC when I started working in a lab, and I loved it. Mind you, I only really used 4 products: MAC Studio Fix Powder, MAC Prism Blush, an eyeliner which I can’t remember and mascara. I even hit pan on Prism a few times! PAN.

Then, I had my daughter and that’s when I broke up with makeup. I was just too darn busy for it, plus other things occupied my time that were loads of fun like dinosaurs, and sharks, and dragons(yeah, my daughter wasn’t into Barbies lol) and  PLAYDOUGH. I love playdough! And if anybody out there has young ‘uns, I am SO willing to come over and make playdough animals and stuff. I can make a unicorn. 🙂


I rediscovered makeup when we were on a family trip to Disneyland one year. It was the first time I had encountered a Sephora and I was MESMORIZED. I had no idea all this existed! Almost instantly, I fell back in love with makeup. And what made me fall back in love with makeup was Bare Minerals, or Bare Escentuals as it’s called now. The whole idea of mineral makeup blew me away. It was just so beautiful!! For quite a few years I exclusively used Bare Escentual eyeshadows, blushes, makeup-I loved it all! But then I started getting these weird breakouts. I found out it was because I was sensitive to bismyth oxychloride and had to stop using their mineral foundation. I find I can wear mineral foundation now(6 years later) with that ingredient if  I don’t wear it when it’s warm outside and limit how often I wear it.

Because of the reaction, I had to find some other foundation to use and that’s pretty much when I started discovering other makeup lines and products. And since then I haven’t looked back!

Although truthfully, lately for some reason again, my interest seems to be waning a bit. I seem to be rather meh and not so excited about makeup at the moment. Maybe it’s because of my blush ban? Not being able to buy my favourite product? Hmmmm.  Or is it just because that I think I’ve discovered my all time favourite nothing beats them products and don’t feel the need to explore so much anymore? Hmmmm. That’s two hmmmms- not sure what happens when I reach three.

Ok, since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’d love to hear your Makeup Love Story! What made you fall in love with makeup?