Move Over Dior Aurora, I Think I Have A New Bronzer Crush

You all know how much I adore my Dior Aurora Bronzer. It’s my favourite bronzer hands down.

Until now.

I hemmed and hawed about getting Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Daydream Bronzer. A lot of my pale beauty blogger friends like Christa@Perilously Pale really like it. But I thought it would be way too warm for me, even thought that’s the EXACT SAME thing I thought about Dior Aurora. When Edward Bess products became available for sale on Sephora, I finally caved and ordered it.

 I LOVE THIS BRONZER A WOLE LOT. Even more than Dior Aurora.

Just like Dior Aurora, Edward Bess Luminous Bronzer in Daydream is almost matte, but when applied to the face gives you a really natural looking, healthy glow-like you just came back from the best vacation ever.

It doesn’t make me look orange or muddy, and has such a smooth silky texture that it blends in like a dream. There’s a light fig scent I detect when I brush it on, but it dissipates and I can’t smell it after that. But if you are sensitive to smells, then I suggest taking a whiff before you buy. The only thing I’m not crazy about is this packaging. Not sure why it’s been changed from the round pan, but this new plastic rectangle packaging is a little flimsy and sometimes hard to open.


I have been wearing this all over my face and boy does it make me feel good! See my pasty, sickly looking arm in the picture? Yeah, it’s feeling sad because it doesn’t have any Edward Bess Daydream Bronzer on haha!

All I’m wearing on my face is my MAC Mineralize Satin Finish Liquid foundation(this stuff is freakin’ awesome btw, but that’s another story), my Naked 2 Palette on the eyes, a light pink lip balm and a highlighting/sculpting quad from Edward Bess in South Of France(which MIGHT count as a transgression on my blush ban and I will show you later-oops). But that’s it. NO OFFICIAL BLUSH.

I’ve found my perfect “naked” look I think! When I wear this combo I feel fresh and healthy and motivated. Yes, motivated to reach my healthy goals! I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. This stuff has strange powers I tell you.

I’m so happy I finally took the plunge and ordered Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Daydream Bronzer.

Have you guys tried anything from Edward Bess yet?