Never Listen To A Blush That Talks: Givenchy Le Prisme Blush Glow-41 Lune Rosee

This is a blush I got in Paris at the flagship Sephora on the Champs d’Elysee, aka The MOTHERSHIP.


Givenchy Le Prisme Blush Glow-41 Lune Rosee called to me! I swear it said my name, with a French accent, mais oui! And it didn’t say Trakee. Wait, have I not told you that story? Sorry! One day, my doorbell rang and it was a FedEx lady delivering a package. She pronounced my name TRAKEE. Not kidding. Stay in school kids. Stay in school.

Outdoor Light

Blended together, then all four shades swatched separately

Indoor light


Looks gorgeous right? The four shades have a gorgeous shimmer to them and are nicely pigmented.

Funny thing is, I don’t particularly like it on me. Can you believe it?

Mixed all together, Le Prisme Blush Glow-41 Lune Rosee is a bit too much blush for me I think. Never thought I’d EVER say that!

It kind of gives me that old lady who applied too much blush look. I have to use a really, really light hand when I use it. Really light. Thank goodness for my NARS Yachiyo Blush Brush that I just got for Christmas.

I think there’s just too much shine going on this blush. Because of all the shine going on it makes my chubby cheeks look even chubbier! I mean look! They just seem to be popping out of the photo! Holy Weight Watchers take my money-please! And wow, it can emphasize my “smile wrinkles”. I wish just ONE of those pretty coloured squares was a matte. Why wouldn’t you make just one a matte?

I might try a little self tanner on the face and see if that makes me like it better. I am rather pale without my beloved Dior Aurora bronzer on. See that? I mentioned it again. I think I’m going to count how many times I make a reference to the Dior Aurora Bronzer this year. So far I think we are on 2? 3? Somebody?

I have not given up on Le Prisme Blush Glow-41 Lune Rosee quite yet. Like a true blush fiend, I will try to make this pretty little fancy blush work.

But, the next time a blush talks to me, I’ll make sure to ask it a few more questions and get to know it a bit better before I decide to take it home with me. At least get it to buy me a cup of coffee first, right?