I’d Go Back To France Just To Get This: Bioderma Crealine Lait

You all know I love my Bioderma Micellar Cleanser. I’ve tried other ones, but I keep going back and purchasing it because it never stings my eyes. Never. Way back in September when I was in Europe(seems like ages ago now!), I saw this and had to get it- Bioderma Crealine Lait. Basically, it’s a cream version of the Bioderma Cleansing water! YES!

It took me until now to finally open it and try it. I didn’t want to open it for fear that I would love it too much.

 My fears were correct. I HATE when I am right. Sigh.

This stuff is awesome. It’s so soothing and cleanses my skin and sensitive eyes without having to rinse! It’s supposed to increase the tolerance threshold of the skin making it more resistant from external aggression so that it becomes less reactive. YES IT DOES my friends. If you have redness prone skin like I do, this stuff is our best friend. And this week since we are having Arctic weather here, this is my best friend I tell you. BFF.

I apply Bioderma  Crealine Lait with a cotton pad or fingertips onto my face and eyes, and wipe it off without rinsing. And it doesn’t hurt or sting and does a fantastic job at removing my makeup.

Why isn’t it sold here? Oh why oh why? 

The solution is quite simple. Yup, it just means I gotta go back to France. SOON. Please?

Anybody want to come with me?

An apartment I took a pic of. I want to live HERE