Beauty Confessions #5: I’m A Mad Scientist. Are You?

“I wish I was more like you with makeup,” my daughter said to me on the day I was testing out the Lise Watier Spring 2012 Aquarella Eye Shadow Palette.

“How so?” I asked. I wasn’t exactly that comfortable at first with the colours in the palette either if you remember.

“Well, you aren’t scared to try different looks with different colours and products every day like I am.”

You see, my daughter loves makeup too. But in how we differ is this: when she gets something new that she really likes, she tends to stick to using that one product for a long, long time. She’s been in love with an eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV called Cobra since that palette came out, which was in September I think? She uses it every day. For months now. I’d go nuts if I kept using the same shadow for that long! She’s the same with blush. Her favourite blush of all time is MAC Dainty, a mineralize blush. As a blush fiend this boggles my mind! I give her blushes all the time to try out, but she keeps going back to Dainty.

One of the reasons she uses the same products every day is because she knows that her makeup will always look good when she uses those products. She’s a fan of the tried and true method when it comes to her makeup and not one of taking a chance on using something new. What if she put it on, and it didn’t look good? She doesn’t want to have to start all over again, or have to think too hard in the mornings to figure out a new look. When she gets a new makeup product, she’s the type that needs to play with that product first, and then she might change up her look and add that new eyehshadow. But after a few days, I always see Dainty and Cobra are back again.

So I was wondering what you guys are like! Are you like me, a mad scientist when it comes to your makeup? Do you mix and match and love to create? Do you dive into your new makeup head first without worrying about the outcome, or are you the more cautious type that doesn’t like surprises and needs a testing period? Do you use the same products every day? Or do you change it up every day?

When I was little I used to go into the bathroom and make concoctions and pretend that I was a mad scientist. I’d mix up every thing I could find in the cupboards in the hopes of creating a potion that would heal whatever ailment my one Barbie had (yes, I only had one). And if that new potion didn’t work, I’d give her a haircut! Eventually my Barbie had really short hair haha!

 I guess I still have that same mad scientist mentality! How about you?