Deep Thoughts By Tracy: Some Beauty Companies Should Just Stick To Doing One Thing

I’ve been doing some thinking again. Which is a dangerous past time as you know, Lefou. 🙂

Probably one of my favourite Disney songs ever!

Why do some companies keep trying to make products they are just not good at? For example, if you are a Soap and Shower gel company and you do that really well, why do you think you can make lip gloss too? Or concealer? It always amazes me when I see it happen. And some of us (me!) fall for it, because we know they have a good reputation in what they usually do well, so you go in thinking-yeah! This should be great! AND IS IT EVER? Hardly not.

So Lefou? What do you think about such things?

These are Tracy’s Deep Thoughts, the thoughts that keep me up sometimes. I have a lot of them actually stored in my dusty belfries.

I needed to get this little rant off my chest. Now, I can start thinking about other things, like how to organize my spices better so that I can find the cumin without knocking everything over in the pantry. It needs to be done, because cumin closely resembles cinnamon, in case you’ve never noticed.

What are some of your deep thoughts?