Beauty Confessions #4: What Fuels Your Beauty Purchases?

Sometimes, other beauty junkies  bloggers get me thinking.

I was talking with Michelle@Lipstick Rules on Twitter, who is one of my idols in the beauty blogging world. She’s level headed, has the same tastes as I do, is a mom like me, and is even a Capricorn too! I love her.

Well, we both admitted that we had broken down and ordered Urban Decay’s Naked 2-for different reasons though.

For her it was because of her love for Naked 1. I ordered it as a birthday gift to myself. My birthday is next week-January 18th! Plus I had to get it for the shade Pistol. My brother calls me Pistol- he says I shoot my mouth off all the time. 😛
That one eyeshadow makes that palette so worth it for me!

Different reasons, but same product purchased!

So I was wondering, what fuels your makeup purchases? I know it can be a lot of different things, but what is it most of the time? Wants? Or because you needs? Because of a review? Or a friend?

For me it’s definitely wants, as I really don’t ever need anything makeup related at this point. And it’s usually also because of a recommendation by a blogger friend, of which I have many and love them all-even though they are enablers haha!

And what is it about your birthday that makes you get all the stuff you’ve been dying for?
Do you do that too?