Happy New Year! Time To Get Your Zombie Apocalypse Makeup Bag Ready! Just In Case

           It’s 2012!! Happy New Year!! 

        I’d like to wish all of you a Happy 2012!! All the best!

But now, I also want to remind you that this is DOOMSDAY YEAR. This is supposed to be it folks, remember? December 21, 2012 is THE END. Supposedly there’s some kind of catastrophe coming our way. I’m leaning towards a Zombie Apocalypse- at least that’s what I’m hoping, if it’s even kosher to hope for something like that, which it probably isn’t. I know, I am a sick person.

But I think I can survive that. I have pretty good aim.

Now, all will be fine if I can stay here in my house, but what if evacuation is a must?

My ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE MAKEUP BAG will be here ready to grab.

Now, I was going to put my long wearing foundations in there. I didn’t want to have to pack any brushes, and liquid foundation would seem the way to go. But, then I started thinking about removal. At some point, there might not be any way to take my makeup off, at least not really well. And some of those long wearing foundations can feel-eeeeeeeeek, if not removed properly, ya’ know?

So, it’s my mineral foundation that goes in the bag, and a small retractable kabuki brush.

This is my Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation in Tender Rose. I like this a lot, but I can’t wear it if it gets too warm, as the bismyth oxychloride will make me itch and break out. So, I’ll also bring along 2 more of my favourite powder foundations:

My MAC MSF Natural, and my Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation that I recently picked up in Seattle.The Physician’s Formula is a light translucent powder that doesn’t give a lot of coverage, but it has an SPF 50 which I love, and will need!

Next up, is blush. To have to leave behind my blush collection is a scary thought, but if need be I’m strong enough to do it. I’d love to take some of my awesome powder ones, but no more brushes are allowed. So, it’s creams and stains that go into the Zombie Apocalypse Makeup Bag.

These are the most longest wearing cheek cream/stains I have. The YSL Créme de Blush in #01, is amazing and will last forever. Then there’s my trusty Becca Beach Tints, which are long wearing and won’t clog my pores at all.

Next is eyes. No powder shadows. There will be no time for all the blending needed, plus again no brushes. This means creams or pencils, but there’s only a few that last all day on my oily eyelids.

The Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils, the Annabelle Smoothies, my Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill and my Ellis Faas all last on my eyelids without the need for a primer. None of them need a brush, plus they can all be used as an eyeliner. Yes, this means I need a sharpener, but I can also use a knife if need be. 😉 I’d have put the Milani 24 HR Liquid Eyeliner in the bag, but I need a brush to apply it neatly, so it lost out.

Next, mascara and definitely the CoverGirl 24HR LashBlast which I HATE goes in the bag.

Yes, I’m taking a mascara I hate, but this bugger stays put like nothing I’ve encountered and since I won’t worry about having to take it off and ripping out my eyelashes, it’ll be perfect.

Lips was hard. For sure a good lip balm like Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm will come along as it has SPF 25 in it.

But what about colour? Surely, there might be some point where I might want a bit of colour on my lips, but colour that lasts and isn’t drying. That’s where these trump out any other lip product I have:

These are Lise Watier Waterproof Lip Crayons(pencils) and if you’ve never tried them then you MUST. They are awesome and I want them all. The have wonderful pigmentation, stay put all day, last through any kind of meal, and do not feel drying at all.

And I think that’s about it! My Zombie Apocalypse Makeup Bag is packed and ready to go!

I sure hope I won’t need it! But if need be, I’ll be looking good whilst aiming for the head. 🙂

What’s going in YOUR Zombie Apocalypse Makeup Bag? Tell me about any long wearing products you’ve tried that I should consider sticking in there!

  • Haha. Have a great 2012! I don't think anything will happen, but if it does, a plague of zombies is the way to go.

  • RIght? All the other natural disasters are just too hard to survive.