Sometimes Swatching Can Fail You- Guerlain Rosee Du Printemps Sculpting Blush

The same time I used my Shopper’s Optimum Reward Redemption to get that  free Guerlain Eyeshadow Quad, I also got one of their blushes (also for free). I mean, I HAD to get a blush, right?


But I was in a hurry that day. I picked that eyeshadow quad because I had done some previous internetz research like a good beauty junkie. But I didn’t check out any Guerlain Blush reviews.

So I grabbed Guerlain Rosee Du Printemps Blush 4 Éclats Sculpting Blush. Without swatching it.


When I got this pretty baby home and swatched I was a tad disappointed.

It was so light! So pale! So pale pink. I picked this shade because it had rose in the name, and rose blushes I love. But pale pinks and me don’t usually get along. I know a lot of people really like MAC Well Dressed blush, but it just doesn’t do much for me.

Guerlain Rosee Du Printemps Blush was so pale in colour, that I didn’t even think it would show up on mycheeks.

Boy, was I wrong.

I love it! A lot!

I don’t know how it does it, but Guerlain Rosee Du Printemps Blush not just shows up, but manages to kind of sculpt my chubby cheeks as well. Guess that’s why it called a sculpting blush! I dipped my brush just in the pink colours, skipping the ivory pink because I was afraid it would lighten the blush too much. The texture is really soft-your brush will kick up some product when you dip it in. But man, does this blend beautifully! And you can build it up in intensity too, which is what I did and it still looks natural. It seems to melt into your skin and give you a natural, beautiful healthy glow. There is no way I thought it would look like this on me from my swatch. And it lasts all day too. The only thing I’m not crazy about is that it has a slight violet flowery smell to it, but at least it goes away upon application.

Guerlain Rosee Du Printemps Blush taught me a lesson I won’t soon forget: A swatch can’t really tell you how a product will perform and end up looking on you as well as trying it on can. It helps to swatch for sure-but sometimes you can be surprised by something!

Have you ever been disappointed by a swatch, but them amazed at what the product looks like on your face?

  • Wow! The swatch didn't impress me either but it is a different story on your cheeks! I love it. I'm not normally a fan of baby pinks either

  • I know! It totally surprised me!