Lipstick Bandits Sparkle!

The Lipstick Bandits are back! Yay! This time, we want to show you our fave New Year’s Reds, with some sparkle added in for extra fun!

 I decided I’d show you a red that ANYONE can wear. It’s red for those of you that are too scared to wear red. It’s a happy red, and that makes it perfect for the holidays!

 Meet MAC Cockney.

MAC Cockney is described as a  sheer, yellow red (Lustre)with some slight red shimmer.
Because it’s a lustre, the colour is buildable and the more you put on, the redder it becomes on the lips.

This is probably the most easy wearing red I own. I think MAC Cockney would be perfect for the red lipped shy because it’s a not so Holy Moly You Got Red Lipstick On kind of red.

I also think it’s perfect for a party, because it’s not a fussy red, meaning you don’t have to line your lips, painstakingly apply your fussy red with a lip brush, and then stand there all night too scared to eat or drink because you’ll ruin your red lip. I HATE THAT. You can put MAC Cockney on without a mirror if needed! It’s that easy of a red.

Now, if the orange red of MAC Cockney doesn’t scream party! to you, then I have a solution.

A sparkly solution.

Just take a sparkly pink liglgoss (the more sparkle the better!) and put it in the middle of your lips and BAZINGA! MAC Cockney becomes a more berry red that sparkles for the New Year!

MAC Cockney is a great party lipstick for everyone as you can see! It’s perfect.

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Have we convinced you to try a great new festive red sparkly lipstick? 
The Lipstick Bandits strike again!