A Blush Fiend’s Ultimate Weapon: NARS Yachiyo Blush Brush

My husband is awesome. He embraces my makeup addiction. He listens to me yammer on about makeup, and even supports the addiction by shopping for me when he travels.

So, it’s not surprising that he KNOWS what would make an awesome present for a blush fiend:


NARS Yachiyo Blush Brush


I feel COMPLETE now.

First off, how GORGEOUS is this baby? Apparently, NARS Yachiyo Blush Brush is a traditional Japanese brush based on the Kabuki theatre and Geisha makeup brushes. As you can see, the brush head is dense, with the end slightly tapered. This allows for the most precise application of blush, bronzer or highlighter onto your cheek. I can now apply blush high up on the cheeks to give me a lifted look. This brush plus my beloved Burberry Russet blush and I’m telling you it looks like I’ve lost 10 pounds!

The NARS Yachiyo blush brush is AMAZING during the application of a really pigmented blush. As a pale blush fiend, there are just some pigmented blushes that are quite tricky for me to apply without looking like a clown. But with the NARS Yachiyo Blush Brush, I no longer have to worry as it seems to pick up just enough pigment and diffuses it into a beautiful glow. It also works with less pigmented blushes, you just need to go in a few more times is all. It will build up the colour to the intensity you desire and blend it out PERFECTLY. The NARS Yachiyo KNOWS what to do. How does it know?

I now have the perfect tool for a blush fiend! I’m so glad my hubby got NARS Yachiyo Blush Brush for me. It’s quickly become my most favourite brush EVER- MY PRECIOUS (as I sit here and pet it lovingly).

How was everyone’s Christmas? I hope you all had a wonderful day with your loved ones!