BareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadow 2.0 The Vision

When I was in Seattle, I was all prepared to buy a Bare Minerals pressed shadow holiday palette called The Playlist. But, it seemed rather a bit too warm toned for me. It’s weird but as I’m getting older, I’m really beginning to notice that certain shades just don’t suit me. I have never payed particular attention to these things before, but lately I have. #growingupsucks  
 But then I saw this little beauty, BareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadow 2.0 The Vision.
Hey?? Now is that a colour combo or what? I kind of freaked out when I saw these colours. I mean, WOW? Do you see the duochrome in that reddish brown? And that matte sky blue? Holy geez, I almost had a seizure when I saw this duo!
MAC Club and MAC Sumptuous Olive are some of my all time favourite eyeshadows because of the duochrome, but this one is just as good, dare I say better!

Now, the only problem  I have is that you you lose the duochrome when you blend out the brown shade, but that happens with any duochrome eyeshadow. I tried using this duo in the obvious way, with the sky blue on the lid and the brown in the crease, but it looked horrid on me. So I used the light blue on the inner part of my eye and a tiny bit under the arch of my brow, and now- this duo and I are friends. For life!
These BareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadows are really silky smooth! They feel rather creamy for a powder eyeshadow. They are incredibly pigmented, blend really easily, and last all day with a good primer. These are my kind of shadows! They are apparently made with all kinds of anti-aging ingredients to help keep eyelids smooth, but to me that’s just a bonus. ALL eyeshadows should be this good I say!
Have you tried any of the new BareMinerals READY Eyeshadows yet? I was at Shopper’s yesterday and they had The Playlist/Cocktail Hour Palettes there if you’re interested in seeing them!