Beauty Confessions #2: Beauty Pet Peeves

Beauty Pet Peeves. We all have them. There are just certain things you see people do and you wonder why? Why would you do that?

My main beauty pet peeve is matching your eyeshadow to your outfit. 
If you follow me on twitter, I’ve been noticing that one of the weather meteorologists on a TV station here does it EVERY DAY. It just bothers me so much! I think it’s just a bit tacky and very tweeny. I think your makeup should compliment your clothing, not match it. 
It’s hard to find a picture on google to post here because NOBODY really does it anymore, unless it’s for fun like Halloween! But I did find one.

I love Diane Kruger, but really? With so many other eyeshadow choices, your makeup artist or you chose navy around your eyes? And the exact shade? Now, I probably wouldn’t have minded it if you had a bit of blue liner as an accent to an awesome eyeshadow of a different shade, but this is just boring. And you are just too pretty to be boring!

So what’s your beauty pet peeve?