theBalm’s The Muppet Show Cast Your Shadow Palette

I grew up with The Muppets. Being the child of immigrant parents I learned a lot of my english from watching Sesame Street. And, I’m pretty sure that I owe my corny sense of humour to watching The Muppet Show every week.

So when theBalm announced that they were coming out with a Limited Edition Palette featuring The Muppets, I was ecstatic! But then immediately bummed out when I found out that only 1000 were being made. How was I, a Canadian, going to get hold of one?

Well, thanks to my friend and fellow Canadian Beauty Blogger and hockey pal Christine@I Colour Outside The Lines, I discovered that theBalm does indeed ship to Canada! I stalked theBalm’s Facebook Page for their announcement that palettes were available.

AND I GOT ONE. I literally danced all over the house when I found out!

This all happened before I was leaving for Europe. I had put my mail on hold to make sure that my priceless  Muppet’s Palette would be safe. But then I got an email saying they were shipping it by UPS so I could get it faster. Normally that would have been fine, but I was leaving and therefore wouldn’t be here to get it from UPS. I emailed back asking if it was possible to just send it by regular mail instead.
And you know what? Eryn from theBalm caught the UPS guy and held my palette until I got back from Europe. She even called me at home to make sure I was back before she sent it.


When my The Muppet Show Cast Your Shadow Palette arrived I actually stared at it for a few days, a little scared to touch it! Silly, right? I finally got over it and decided to show it to you guys.

 The Muppet Show Cast Your Shadow Palette has 16 glorious eyeshadows with muppet-themed names.


Two lip and cheek tints and one lip gloss:

The Muppet Show Cast Your Shadow Palette is easily one of the BEST palettes I have.

The shadows are so smooth and pigmented. They blend like a dream! Not one is a dud.

Swatches of the cheek/lip tints and gloss:

I’m so happy I was able to get  The Muppet Show Cast Your Shadow Palette. I absolutely love it! And now that I know how awesome theBalm is as a company, I’ll definitely be ordering from them again!