My Top Ten Series: My Top Ten MAC Eyeshadows

Welcome back to my Top Ten Series! Today I’m going to show you my Top Ten MAC Eyeshadows. HOLY BATMAN THIS WAS REALLY HARD!! Although truthfully, I haven’t been giving much love to my MAC eyeshadows lately. But this post has renewed my love for these great shades!!

 In no particular order, here are my Top Ten MAC Eyeshadows!

1. MAC Club

MAC Club was my first MAC eyeshadow and remains one of my favourite eyeshadows ever. I just love the green/brown duochrome shade!

2. MAC Trax

MAC Trax is another really unique colour. It’s a plum with gold/brown shimmer in it.

3. MAC Vex

MAC Vex is another duochrome shade. It’s a light taupey grey with pink and green duochrome to it.

4. MAC Arctic Grey

Arctic Grey came out with The Chill collection, and it’s a lustre shadow which I normally don’t care for. But Arctic Grey is a silver that can lean a bit taupe in some lights. It makes a great lid colour with a taupe blended in the crease. Love it!

5.MAC Smoke And Diamonds

Smoke and Diamonds is almost the same colour as my favourite MAC Pigment ever,Sweet Sienna. It makes a soft smokey eye that is great for day.

6.MAC Twinks

If you happened to notice, I have a thing for plummy browns(and taupes)-the colour just works great for me and makes my eyes really pop. MAC Twinks is a shadow that I think looks great on everyone.

7.MAC Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus came out in the Bloggers’ Obsessions Collection and you can read my original review here. It’s available online to order again!

8, 9, 10.

MAC Grain, Omega, and Coppering

These three shades I use probably the most. MAC Grain looks gorgeous on the lid or as a highlight. MAC Omega I use on my brows, or as a really great natural crease colour. Coppering is just such a really great, bright orange copper shade that looks stunning on.

Phew! There you go! My Top Ten MAC Eyeshadows.

What are your must have MAC Eyeshadows?