Orange Love Affair: MAC Electric Coral Pigment

I have a love/hate relationship with MAC pigments. Love the colours, hate the mess. I do own quite a few, and one that I pull out in the summer is a real beauty of a pigment: MAC Electric Coral.


I fell in love with this pigment at the MAC Pro Store in Vancouver as soon as they showed it to me. I mean look at it-it’s GORGEOUS!! It’s a vibrant red coral orange with just a touch of shimmer. It goes on smoothly and you can adjust the intensity of it quite easily. It’s beautiful blended into the crease over bronzey shades, and looks absolutely smashing when paired with a limey green color. Very tropical indeed!

MAC Electric Coral is one of those pigments that I actually do use as a blush(really light handed mind you!) and I also mix it with a nude lipgloss to make a great coral lippy. This really is one of my favourite pigments in the summer to use.

Alas, MAC Electric Coral is a Pro Store only pigment and that means you can only get it from a Pro Store.
If you are ever in a Pro Store, I highly suggest asking for a sample. Remember-you can do that!