Orange Love Affair: NARS Taj Mahal Blush

If you love orange and have been looking for an orange blush then the ULTIMATE orange blush
has to be NARS Taj Mahal.


Now, this is a seriously orange blush! It’s a pumpkin-y orange with gold shimmer and it is highly pigmented.


NARS Taj Mahal is so smooth and creamy in texture and blends so beautifully.

Now, you need to be very careful when applying NARS Taj Mahal. This blush is really easy to overdo. I recommend a stippling brush, and make sure you dab the brush on the back of your hand to get rid of excess before going to your cheek. Then stipple onto your cheeks and blend, blend, blend! NARS Taj Mahal will leave the most gorgeous, orangey glow you have ever seen. If it looks like too much, then dust some translucent powder over top as Janine from suggests. That will tone down the colour a bit.

NARS Taj Mahal is definitely one of the most unique blushes out there.

I do think NARS Taj Mahal looks better on darker skin tones, so this is one I don’t reach for all that often, unless I’ve used a self tanner to warm up my complexion a few notches. It can work if you are pale, but like I said-go easy!

What is the most unique blush that you own?