Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick #166 Makes Me Smile!


Want to see the COOLEST lipstick EVER? 

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick #166  is going to make you say: COOL!

To open it you slide down the square pull, the lid slides down and to the back and the lipstick pops out. One handed operation!

Very James Bond, dontcha’ think?

I decided to use my Shopper’s Optimum Points during the last redemption to get Guerlain Rouge Automatique #166. I couldn’t resist! My first Guerlain Lipstick!


Guerlain Rouge Automatique #166 is a semi-sheer lipstick that you can build up to get the opacity you like.
It just glides on and gradually liquifies according to your lip temperature so that it becomes like a second skin-not too thick and not too oily, just right for you! See, I wasn’t kidding about the James Bond bit! This lipstick is full of technology!

Guerlain Rouge Automatique #166  is called Shalimar and it’s a lovely bright pink with a bit of light pink micro-glitter. This is a great shade to wear if bright pinks scare you, as this is not so BAM- she’s- got- pink-lips of a shade.

It’s very moisturizing and pretty long lasting. I get about 4 hours of wear, and it fades nicely as well. I love the very slanted tip on it also because this shape fits my lips so well.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique #166  has a permanent home in my purse now. This is the perfect purse lipstick as the cap will NEVER come off!

Expensive-YES. Necessary? No, but I’m sure glad I have mine! I feel very mysterious and lady-like when I pull this out of my purse, slide it open and apply. It’s just one of those things that makes a beauty junkie smile. 

Have you ever tried Guerlain lipsticks?