Sephora Sunkissed Glow Double-Ended Bronzer/Blush Brush

The last snow pile in my yard finally melted during the first week of May. It was pretty huge and in the shade, so that’s why it took so long. I swear that pile was over 6 feet high!

Now that the weather is warmer here, I’ve been playing with my bronzers again. I’m one of those people that tends to not use them in the winter, because I am pale and a lot of bronzers tend to make fair skin look orange and muddy. Not a good look for anyone, can you hear me Snooki?

A great brush to use when using my favourite bronzers is the new Sephora Sunkissed Glow Double-Ended Bronzer/Blush Brush.


Can I say I love this brush! I love this brush! 

Sephora Sunkissed Glow Double-Ended Bronzer/Blush Brush is a two-in-one brush made with natural goat hair.  The natural goat hair is soft and allows for an even and smooth application of whatever product you use.


The bronzer end of the Sephora Sunkissed Glow Double-Ended Bronzer/Blush Brush is dense and rounded, which is what you want in a bronzer brush. It allows a nice broad, application of bronzer so that you look naturally bronzed. The angled blush brush end is really nice for applying blush onto the apples of the cheeks after you bronze. The effect you are left with is a beautiful, glowy natural bronzed face with a flush of colour on the cheeks-as if you spent all day at the beach, even though there is no beach for MILES around. Mountains-yes, beach-nope! No one will be able to guess that 3 weeks ago you were still shovelling snow and cursing mother nature! I should be careful what I say, as I have seen it snow here in May many times. Hopefully, not this year!

I’m enjoying my Sephora Sunkissed Glow Double-Ended Bronzer/Blush Brush a lot. The only problem I’m having is storage, as it needs to be stored flat so I can’t put it in my brush holder. But that’s the price I’m willing to pay, as I really like the ease of having two brushes in one.

You can find the Sephora Sunkissed Glow Double-Ended Bronzer/Blush Brush at Sephora!

What’s your favourite brush for applying bronzers?

Disclaimer: I was sent this product by a PR rep for consideration only. I am not affiliated with the company and my views are my own honest opinion.