Annabelle Smoothliner in Urban Jungle Melts My Teal-Lovin’ Heart

You all know I have a real soft spot for anything teal. Anything. It’s my favourite colour ever.

So naturally, when I saw the new Annabelle Smoothliner in Urban Jungle I nearly jumped at it to grab it off the display. Not kidding! Jumped! Lunged! Whatever you want to call it. It was a good thing nobody was around to see it. 


Annabelle Smoothliners are by far the best drugstore eyeliner here in Canada. They are waterproof, smudgeproof and highly pigmented. They go on smoothly with no tugging or pulling.

After wearing it for the first time, I got a tiny bit of deja-vu. Could it be that Annabelle Smoothliner in Urban Jungle was a dupe for my favourite teal eyeliner of all time, MAC’s Float on By from the Marine Life Collection?
I grabbed MAC Float On By and compared the two for you.

It’s pretty darn close I have to say!!

I can barely tell the difference, but if I’m being really nit picky then I’d say that the MAC Float On By is just slightly more pigmented. Slightly.

I’m so glad I picked up Annabelle Smoothliner in Urban Jungle! I was always sad that I didn’t have a back up for my beloved Float On By, but I do now!

Annabelle Cosmetics, I thank you from the bottom of my teal-lovin’ heart.

What’s your favourite eyeliner colour ever?

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