I Didn’t Know You Could Get Samples at MAC?!

I was at MAC the other day wanting to get Melon Pigment. Melon Pigment is one of those pigments that I hear a lot about as summer get closer, and it looks really pretty with a lot of eyeshadows. I asked the MAC girl for it and unfortunately, they were out. 🙁

And then, something happened that I’ve never experienced at a MAC counter before-she turned around and said to me: “I’ll just make you a sample.” A SAMPLE? Really? Sure I said! So the nice MAC girl filled up on of those little jars they used to sell, labeled it, and gave it to me. Wow! How awesome was that?

This Melon Pigment sample isn’t teeny tiny either-there’s quite a bit of it!

Seriously I have enough Melon Pigment in here to last me quite awhile! I personally wish MAC would sell their pigments in smaller sizes as well as the normal size. I find I hardly ever use up the big size anyways, unless if course it’s my favourite Sweet Sienna Pigment, or the one in the picture which is Heritage Rouge, another favourite of mine.


Anyways, I’m really happy with this sample of Melon Pigment, which I’m sure you’ve all seen all over the internet by now. When I look at it I just think-Goldfish. It looks like the colour of a goldfish to me. It’s a great peachy-gold shade that I think would look great with a coppery brown or just by itself for a nice wash of colour.
I’ve heard it also makes a great cheek highlighter, so I can hardly wait to try that out.

I seem to be on a bit of a loose pigment kick right now for some reason. What are some of your favourite pigments? Anybody ever try the Annabelle Loose Pigments? How are they?

  • Good going girl! I've asked for samples but never pigments, I feel weird asking, but I know you can get them! 🙂

  • Wow! I did not know this either! Eeeek, now I can go get a color I want ahaha.

  • @Justine: I felt like I won a secret prize! @Kristina; I didn't either! I'm not sure-maybe it was because they were out of it?

  • I didn't know that, either. That's pretty awesome.

  • Gorgeous color!! I'll be sure to check this out 🙂 I din't know we could get pigment samples!

  • Ooooh! I've been wanting a Melon Pigment sample for a while. I'm just not sure how it'll look/ how often I'll use it to justify buying the full size pigment. Great post!

  • I discovered the MAC sample thing last year when I was debating getting Strobe cream, the sales associate gave me two generous samples of it. Now I always be sure to go back & give him my business 🙂 I love that they do that!

  • I've never been offered samples at MAC either but I don't go there all that often. This is great! I do want to get some pigments but I know I'll never use up a full size.

  • Sweet! I know the girls at Nordies would give samples if I asked, but I am always too chicken!

  • Well, I'm glad I told you all and glad to see I wasn't the only one who didn't know lol!

  • Woah I didn't know that either! But then, I would be too shy to ask because I'm really fickle and fall in love with a lot of colors at once

  • wow, it's gorgeous! i never knew about any mac samples, that's incredible.i've been on a pigment kick, but with the NYX pigments 🙂 cheap and work great, like all their productsVonniehttp://www.socialitedreams.com/

  • Soo

    melon is such a pretty color! I normally am not a big fan of oranges, but oooh~

  • I ask for samples each time I make a purchase (in Malaysia), usually for pigments. But when I missed out on the Mickey Contractor Fluidlines, the SA at my regular MAC store decanted some into their tiny jars for me.